No Helmet No Wave.

2014-03-11 13.14.14
Today was more than nice enough for the first long-ish ride of the season. Sixteen miles to lunch and 16 miles back. One thing I did realize is that coffee really does a job on my riding. I’m not supposed to drink coffee at all but what the doctor really meant was to cut down I’m sure. After a medium Dunkin Donuts coffee with my egg salad sandwich from Cumberland Farms it took a good 10-15 minutes of struggling to keep up a decent pace. A small size coffee is not a problem but today I had no choice but to order a medium because I had a coupon for a free-bee.

The back roads to Wareham, Ma had very little vehicle traffic. I did cross paths with a some bikers and got the standard snub from the roadies. When I ride with friends, some wear helmets and some don’t. When we pass roadies, (those all decked out in racing gear), us non helmets very seldom get any acknowledgement while those with a helmet get anything from a head not to a baby finger wave. Today I got two sneers from the roadies who didn’t like my stocking cap. I even smiled, waved and said “Hey’ while nodding. Nada from them. We get that a lot so we are used to it. No problem, but I do get a kick out of it.

The road is all mine

No helmet, no wave

Stone sign has been in place since who knows when. There is also a water pump and trough there.

One thought on “No Helmet No Wave.

  1. I’m often relegated to the non-roadie crowd, too, based on what I happen to be wearing or riding. But I keep waving and/or nodding and/or flicking a grin to as many people as possible just to try to keep the flow going – and sometimes I even get a surprise positive reply.

    I hope you won that Lucky Shamrocks!


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