Into The City The Long Way

This has been the preferred route into the city since I was a kid.
This has been the preferred route into the city since I was a kid.

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Miles.   20.5

The New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge is closed.  For many many years, this route has been the best for cyclists to get into the city from Fairhaven because the sidewalk doubles as a bikeway.  For the next couple of weeks cyclists are forced to ride over the Coggeshall St. Bridge, which isn’t bad, it’s just a long way around that doubles the mileage to the south end of the city from East Fairhaven.

There was not a whole lot going on in the city today and even the sea gulls were acting bored.   The fishing boats were docked, the scrap boat dock was quiet and the church was rotting away.   Same O, Same O in New Bedford.   I decided to ride to the south end, the real south end, from the library to the fort.   The ocean temperature is around 38F.  When it’s 10 degrees out there is a warming breeze from the ocean making things a little more comfortable.   When it’s 50 degrees outside that same 35 degree ocean breeze makes things a little more uncomfortable.  It wont be long when that cooling breeze off the 75 degree ocean waters will make us say “ahhhh, nice breeze”.  That’s a July and August post.  Stay tuned.

Coggeshall St. Bridge into New Bedford
Coggeshall St. Bridge into New Bedford




Nautical junkyard
This church has been rotting away for years.


Bored seagulls


View from under the Fairhaven, Ma bridge



Scallop boats in dock




The underbelly of the Fairhaven Bridge