Both Sides And Both Bridges of the Cape Cod Canal

Bourne Bridge Vies
Looking toward the Atlantic from the top of the Bourne Bridge crossing the Cape Cod Canal

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23 miles round trip.


Only two other riders showed for this early spring ride.  Without being shown there is very little chance of finding the access points to walk or bike across either bridge crossing the Cape Cod Canal.   The last words said just before accessing either bridge is “get in the easiest gear on your bike now”.  Both have short but very steep driveways to climb to get to the head of the walkway.

Although the weather called for mid fifty temperatures, that milestone would not be reached till around 2PM.  We finished around 12:30ish and the last 7 miles were into a stiff 15 knot wind.  The wind, even though it’s our friend, was cold and made us put our heads down and dip our shoulder into the resistance.

Almost to the top of the Bourne Bridge
View from the apex of the Bourne Bridge
Head of the Canal at Sandwich MA.
The Cape Cod Canal looking toward Boston
The mainland path looking from the Sagamore Bridge