How can I resist this ride.  The Midnight Marathon bike ride   also on Facebook,

The ride is an annual Boston tradition where over 1,000 people bike the same route as the Boston Marathon the night before Marathon Monday. The roads are not closed off but open to vehicle traffic (and bicycles are vehicles!) – The ride is not a race nor is it a paid event; it is however a pretty unique community experience, a fun way to meet people, and a decent workout.

Due to the organic and non-commercial nature of the ride, there is no official support crew during the actual bike ride; that said, due to the community nature of the ride, it is usually very easy to get help.

If you subscribe to Bicycle Magazine you may have seen the feature story this month.  If not  CLICK HERE to read the article.  (both photos on this page are credited to the Bicycle Magazine article).

The Boston Globe made a compelling argument to continue this event HERE

I’ll have to figure out the logistics of getting to Hopkinton, but if all else fails there is an advertised leisurely ride from downtown Boston.  A car at each end would really be nice though.   We’ll see.