Day: June 22, 2014

Sojourn Bike Tour. Day 1

A three hour bus ride from Cumberland, Md to Weirton, W.V. So begins my annual summer bike tour. Once everything was put in order it was a 30 mile slog to Cecil Township, PA and the night’s camping spot.

There is not much to say about the ride but the campground was abuzz with the US/Portugal match being played soon. After a bit of a techno struggle, I was able to watch the game in my phone. I was returning from the beer tent when the US, who till then was a goal down, scored the equalizer. I let our a whoop that got the attention of lots of people.  With only seconds remaining and the yanks on  the verge of victory, Portugal scored the equalizer and I dropped an F bomb that could be heard around the world.

I did score a prime spot on the bank of a gently flowing brook. When I camp on these tours it’s inevitable that the first night’s sleep is fitful, constantly trying to get comfortable. It took a long time but I finally found my way to slumber land and it looked like I had broken the pattern of a sleepless first night of camping.  Mr Frog had other ideas and at 4:30 he decided he was hungry and wanted the whole world to know it. He timing was masterful in that he would croak for a minute, go silent and let me begin to doze then start anew. At 6AM I gave up, arose and had breakfast, broke camp but had to wait for the sun to dry my still wet riding clothes that I had hung on the right field fence of the adjoining baseball field.  Soon enough I was off for day 2 and a 50 mile ride to Cedar Creek PA.