Day: July 6, 2014

She Wanted To Bike.


Sue is a hiker, I like to bike.  When she said, “how about we ride to Lloyd State Park today”, it brought a smile.  I dusted off all the cobwebs from her bike and did the same for my touring bike, the one I was going to ride on tour last week, but didn’t.  I took the old commuter bike. The one I call the winter beater.  It was a good choice by the way.

I had never been to this state beach but know it’s popular with many.  My preference is Horseneck Beach and that was reinforced  big time today.  The bike friendly roads, the scenery, the weather all came together to make this a nice ride.  The beach however was a different story.  Horseneck Beach is a long sandy expanse sheltered by sand dunes and is very popular with a variety of personalities.

Demarest Lloyd is best described as where the Walmart people go. We’ll leave it at that.