Riding Cross Country On The Southern Tier Bike Route.

Jacksonville to Austin
Jacksonville to Austin. The sidebars says 91 hours by bike. Really?

All of a sudden things are happening very quickly.  Wifey and I decided it may be better not to wait till March to do my cross country bike ride.  I am looking at beginning in about three weeks, four tops.  I am looking at all the logistics of getting to Jacksonville, Fla to begin the the ride somewhere in the first 10 days of September.   That will leave very little time for any planning which could really make this an adventure. 

Looking back at all of my past bike tours, the one that was the most miserable was the one that we stuck to the plan. We had no choice because we booked at non refundable B&Bs.  This ride from Jacksonville, Fla to Austin, TX will see me riding by the seat of my pants so to speak.  It should be very cool.  The change from March to September is not definite yet but it’s very likely.