Day: August 23, 2014

Got A Nickle On Ya?

Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path.
Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path.

Things didn’t work out for the ride from Florida to Texas in September.  There was a very short window in which to begin the ride and things conspired to shatter that time table.  I would have had to begin pedaling no later than September 10th and that can’t happen.  In March I’ll have no time table and I’m thinking the weather will be better.

I’m still riding locally and there are a couple of organized events happening almost weekly.  Saturday’s default ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island is always a great time and today was no different.  Today one of the guys mentioned he was a teacher at Providence College. 

“What subject someone asked?”


“I got a D in high school chemistry”. 

The professor responded, “I wish I had a nickle”, left it at that because we knew what he meant.

Later we stopped for a light breakfast, this being the weekly Cafe Ride.  Two of us were sitting on the steps of the Bristol R.I. Customs House and the professor joined us.  Again he was asked what he did for a living.  “Chemistry Professor”. 

“I like chemistry but did not do well in high school” was the response he got.  That’s when I dug into my pocket and threw a nickle on the ground in front of the professor.  It’s not every day that we are able to grant someone their wish.


Warren to Barrington, R.I. bridge crossing.
Warren to Barrington, R.I. bridge crossing.