2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge

The 2015 coffeeneuring challenge is in the books.  I did many more coffee rides and choose the best of the best for the official count.  Since I’m retired I got special dispensation according to the rules.  Most people ride on the weekends when they are off work.  When you don’t work, weekends are just like any other day and frankly, there have been times I had to look at my calendar to see the day of the week.  Don’t get me started on the day of the month.

Anyhow, all seven are done and the theme is obvious.  I like my biking hats and every ride offers it’s own reason to wear a specific hat.  For example the MASS hat was a must when in Texas. Just say’n.

This was fun and gave me and I’m sure many others a reason to have a fun ride instead of just a ride.  See youse next year for the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Stop 1   


  • Mellow Johnny’s, 400 Nueces St. Austin TX.  Webpage
  • First day in town, first stop on the rented bike.
  • Cappuccino small with almond milk.
  • Very bike friendly. It’s Lance Armstrons’s bike and coffee shop fercryinoutloud.
  • 12 miles biking around Austin

I waited till today to begin my challenge in order to do it on a road trip. First order of business in Austin was to rent a bike. more


Stop 2


  • Counter Cafe.  626 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX.  webpage
  • Cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich.  Medium fried egg, cheese, tomato and lettuce on toasted sourdough bread.
  • Bike friendly with racks on the property.
  • 26 miles of biking throughout the day and night.

We mounted our bikes around 10 this morning and rode to the east side of Austin for breakfast at Counter Cafe on East 6th St. in Austin.  That was after an early morning double cappuccino at the famous Joe’s Coffee right next to the Austin Motel. more


  • Sip Coffee and Sandwich Bar. 160 East Houstin St.  San Antonio Texas.  Facebook Page
  • Small Cappuccino and a blueberry muffin. Home made of course.
  • Bike rack out front.  Not much of a bike culture could be found on this Saturday morning.

I borrowed a bike from someone at the hotel after I showed them the coffeeneuring challenge on Facebook.  They were thinking of joining in the fun.


Stop 3


  • Flower Girls Baking Company. 230 Huttleston Ave, Fairhaven Webpage
  • Small Chai Latte, Home made banana bread
  • No bike racks but bike parking is safe here.
  • Rode 7 miles

It was a cold Sunday morning solo ride with my video camera. more

Stop 4

October 22 IMG_0569

  • Coffee Obsession 38 Water St. Wood’s Hole, MA  Yelp Revues.
  • Medium Cappuccino and a delicious fresh sesame bagel
  • No bike racks but plenty in the vacinity.  We locked our to a telephone pole guy wire.
  • Rode 23 miles round trip from Falmouth, Ma

I called for an 8:30 meeting for anyone who wanted to ride the Shining Sea Bike Trail a 10.5 mile rail to trail conversion from Falmouth to Wood’s Hole on Cape Cod, MA.  When any of us in our group put the word out for a ride we have no idea how many would show.  It could be a solo ride or a critical mass. Today was closer to the latter. more

Stop 5

  • Green Bean 740 Purchase St. New Bedford, MAIMG_0567
  • Cappuccino and blueberry scone
  • Parking for 4 bikes out front
  • Rode 14 miles.
  • I needed 10 minutes to get into the city and that seemed like it would be cutting it close.  I stopped at the local McDonald’s to use their internet to check the weather.  It was going to be close but I decided to go for it.  Like the game show where you have money in your hand or you can risk it all for a grand prize.  The money in my hand was coffee at McDonalds or take a chance on crossing the river to Green Bean Cafe for a wonderful cappuccino and a blueberry scone. more




Stop 6

  • Coffee Depot 501 Main St. Warren R.I.IMG_0563
  • Cappuccino and a ricotta honey danish.
  • Small bike rack out front
  • 27 miles on the East Bay Bike Path

I was pleasantly amazed when I entered the joint. It was very eclectic and looked very much like one of those men’s clubs you see on old movies. The Coffee Depot offered comfortable chairs, a library, and a counter from end to end filled with coffee shop goodies. more


Stop 7

  • L’Artisen Cafe and Bakery 9 Wayland Ave. Providence R.I.IMG_0565
  • Cappuccino and Turkey Cranberry Panini
  • No bike racks but plenty of place to lock your bike. Trees, signs, etc
  • 14 mile ride

took the Randonee bike for this last coffeeneuring adventure. I have a Novara Randonnee bike but have never done a randonee. But I have been to Spain.  Today’s ride was the route connecting the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence to the Blackstone River Bikeway in Cumberland, R.I.  This is the ride I saved for the last coffeeneurs challenge and after a couple of false starts, everything fell into place today. more

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