Shopping, Coffee, Riding and Saying Good Bye.

We always have our dogs cremated when we have to euthanize them. Pretty Polly Pointer in March of 2014 and Baxter Waxter a couple of weeks ago. Baxter was the dog of a friend who died suddenly and when we took him in he weighed over 100 pounds. Daily long walks in time, got him down to the mid 60s. He had a wonderful last four years and we knew he was very happy with not only his human, but is dog brothers and sisters. And the cat.

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I know, he is spoiled.
I know

Pretty Polly Pointer lived to 17 1/2. An English pointer that definitely had mental problems. She was such a needy gentle dog that we took in at just over a year old, and it was determined she had already had, two or three litters. Polly also hit the jackpot when she moved in with us.

Sue is much to easy on the dog’s and treats them like children. I on the other hand sometime treat them that way, but they are also very much part of my pack. Lots of string cheese and constantly working on commands takes time and effort on the owners part, but it really makes things much safer for the dogs when we are away from the house.

Sue saved some ash so she and another friend of Baxter’s original owner could spread them on her grave. I was sent to the super marked for ingredients for suppah and naturally I went by bike. Double naturally I went for coffee.

Coffee break during shopping ride.
Coffee break during shopping ride.
Pretty Polly Pointter,Lucky Lucy Lu and Baxter
Pretty Polly Pointter,Lucky Lucy Lu and Baxter
Sue spreading the ashes of Polly and Baxter
Sue spreading the ashes of Polly and Baxter along the bike path, their favorite walk.

Sue works as a volunteer at two no kill dog shelters so we are old hats at taking in dogs.  Our newest Owen has been with us for a year and good ole Lucky Lucy Lu is still going strong.

Owen and Lucy
Owen and Lucy

Both of whom are very spoiled by you know who.

Lucy and Own after a hard afternoon of training.