Going To Maine This Weekend

But………..   The bike ride is cancelled.   And there are still leaves in the guttah. The ladder is fine.

No condolences or prayers needed. I’m fine.  Well, I’m going to be fine.  Or Howard.  Did I mention that I love percocet?

I love percocet.

12 thoughts on “Going To Maine This Weekend

  1. NOO! One of the guys at church just did this too, ouchy, ouchy ouch! That awful ladder anyway, what right did he have to dump you on the ground? And he makes it through the incident scot-free! I don’t trust those things.


  2. Be well and get better. “Leave” the ladder and the gutter to someone younger! It’s a shorter distance to fall from your bike. I’ll bet you weren’t wearing your helmet.


    1. My wife is like a junkyard dog keeping me away from the booze. I am a PSG fan. I really enjoy watching Zlatan play. BTW The western semi final with Portland and Dallas was really good. Did you see it?


  3. Oh no John…been following you. Can’t believe you got bit by a ladder. Hope you’re better soon. Bob said to tell you to keep your mind out of the gutter.


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