The Daily Prompt and Riding A Bicycle In The Winter

The Daily Prompt is a writing training aid.  It suggests a subject to help what we call writers block.  I try to incorporate the “Prompt” with my bicycle writing into one post. Sometimes it works. Today’s prompt is titled Alma Mater

Alma Mater —You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

My University soccer team was being inducted into the schools hall of fame.  A good number of the players traveled to the event.  The team was from 20 some odd years past, so there was a lot of catching up to do.  It was an annual event and there were a six or eight different inductees.  Individuals, our team, a coach for example.  It was the standard college ceremony.  We were the first to be inducted that night and lined up on the side of the stage at the bottom of the stairs.  As the short bio of our team was being read as an introduction, a team mate standing behind me said. “we took a vote and nominated you to give the speech”.  At that moment the MC announced, “Please give a warm welcome to the 1977 UMass soccer team”.

Winter Biking


Those who ride in the winter can relate.  Those who don’t are missing out.

The photo above is very deceiving.  The feels like 2 degrees makes those inside cringe.  Those outside however, smile and know it’s a pretty nice day. The wind was minimal, the sun was shining bright, the birds and squirrels were voicing their displeasure that Sue had not put out the feed yet.

I got up at 6:15 this morning and noticed that my neighbors car was running.  I know I was going to ride my bike and was hoping he saw me.  Just gloating on my part.  I made myself a coffee, packed my backpack before going into my office to double check the weather. I got caught up on e-mail and of course Facebook. By the time I go around to leaving for my bike ride to the gym, it was 7:40.  I looked out the window and commented,  “holy shit”.  His car was still running in the driveway.  This goes on every day, not to this extreme, but it’s a daily sight to see the exhaust.  Warm up the car in the winter,  put the air conditioner on in the summer.  I swear he uses more gas in his driveway than I do driving my car.   Well, enough of the car culture.

I learned from trial and error many years ago that winter riding is all in the layers.  Today I only got a few dozen yard from the house when I realized that I needed long john bottoms.  I only had a mile to ride, but realized pretty quickly that  a feels like 2 degrees day, I need a lower layer for my legs.  On top I had a cotton T, a medium weight turtle neck and a medium weight fleece coat.  A gator neck warmer, my trusty orange cap and gloves,  gave me more than enough layers for the ride.  Actually when I arrived at the activity center, I had a bit of perspiration going.


The path was no different from two days ago and my experience was the same.  Ride some, walk some on the bike path, and use US RT 6 for the ride home, after my second lifetime quiche.  Many men feel that quiche is unmanly and I suggested that Flower Girls not only sell quiche but should add to the menu,  sausage and egg pie.

By 11 AM the thermometer read a comfortable 19 degrees.  With the sun shining and no wind, it wasn’t bad at all.

19 F and sunny.  No jacket needed.

5 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt and Riding A Bicycle In The Winter

  1. It’s great you live in an area where your street is cleared of snow. I don’t live near a primary rode. It’s extremely rare that our rural road is plowed… Thank God for the sun and pray it is warm enough to melt the snow. Otherwise I’d ride my bike 2 miles to MacDonald’s for a hot coffee and some fellowship. Meanwhile, I will drive my car slow and ever so gently slip and slide down the road just to keep myself from getting cabin fever and for a good tasting hot cup of coffee.


  2. I was planning on riding to town right after lunch today, but we have 15mph winds. It’s 12 miles of all open, country highways. Eight of that is straight south, making it a tailwind, but that last 4 would be cross wind. I’m trying to talk myself into it now instead of just having the resolve to go!


    1. 12 miles is a lot in the winter for me. I do very little rides without a purpose this time of year. It’s always to some kind of event or place like the gym or coffee shop.


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