King Philips War

Portsmouth 014

Quiet back roads along historic villages and scenic beaches in Tiverton and Little Compton R.I. Only two of us showed for this 32 mile hilly ride that took us through the battleground towns of King Philips War.

King Philip’s War (1675-1676) marked the last major effort by the Native Americans of southern New England to drive out the English settlers. With tensions spilling over following the collapse of trade partnerships and aggressive expansion of colonist territories, Pokunoket chief Metacom — a.k.a. King Philip — led a bloody uprising of Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Pocumtuck and Narragansett tribes. The fighting lasted fourteen months and destroyed twelve frontier towns, ending shortly after Metacom was captured and beheaded. Some of his supporters escaped to Canada, while others who surrendered were sold into slavery.

A very good day of bike riding, dinner with the lovely one and topped off by watching a classic, gutsy,  US win over Paraguay, in the Confederations Cup.