2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge

Coffee Challenge #1

Coffee. Regular Blend at Dunkin Donuts and a bagel with cream cheese

Miles 16.9

Heavy rains were predicted for the area and I had resigned myself to not ride today. After the gym I stopped for a coffee at Dunkin Donuts in Fairhaven, MA. and ran into a friend who had just finished his ride. “You beat the rain”, I said. “Oh, I have plenty of time. It’s not going to rain till late afternoon”. I skipped the coffee, drove home and hopped on my commuter bike. I had no route planned and simply started pedaling. more

Coffee Challenge #2

Where: Green Bean in New Bedford, MA

What: Small cappuccino and a sesame bagel

Ride Distance: 10.3 miles

Details: It was a chilly blustery morning which made the coffee shop a nice reprieve, but that same weather cut the ride short. In half actually. But I did get some video.

The video shows some waterfront scenes and the end there is footage of hundreds of birds jockeying for space on the high lines. It was a riot watching how they interacted so politely moving over to make room for the new arrivals. more

Coffee Challenge  #3

Where:  The Nook in Fairhaven, MA

What:  Cappuccino and cheese roll

Ride Distance: 7 miles

coffee 3.4

I’m participating in a coffee challenge that’s for some magical reason gets me on my bike on a Saturday morning in 25 degree temperature.  I needed to go to the market for a couple of items and decided to ride a mile further to a local coffee shop.

The Nook is a small shop in the center of Fairhaven, MA and a place I thought would not last. I like the place but, every time I have gone in the past, I have been the only customer.  Today, it was standing room only. Unless of course if one was a hearty bike rider. There were two tables in front of the shop and a bar attached to the side of the building.  The sun was shining, there was no wind, which all in all was not a bad day to sit outside with my coffee.  As we bikers know, it’s all in the wardrobe.  more

Coffee Challenge #4


Distance 16.9 Miles

Coffee. Cumberland Farms Guatemalan Blend and egg salad sandwich

Location. Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Cool, cloudy, no wind, ride around the peninsula of New Bedford, MA  more

Coffee challenge #5

Where: Pie in the Sky cafe in Wood’s Hole MA
What: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee and a blueberry scone.
The Ride: 26 miles on the Shining Sea Bikeway from Falmouth to Wood’s Hole, MA. More

Coffee Challenge #6

Where:  Flower Girl Cafe in Fairhaven, MA
What: Espresso and coconut macaroon
Ride: 10 miles around town.

2017 Coffee Challenge # 6 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Coffee Challenge #7

Where:  Honey Dew Donuts in Fairhaven, MA

What:  Tasteless coffee and a stale jelly stick donut.

Distance:  7 miles.

This is my third year participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Basically it’s riding your bike to seven different coffee shops of the course of seven weeks. It’s not really a challenge per se, but a reason to ride a bike casually and also enjoy a cup of coffee.

Today was a nasty, windy, rainy day and I didn’t know if I would get number 7 done. Sustained winds of 25 MPH with gusts approaching 40 normally would make this ride difficult enough to skip. The rain let up mid afternoon but the wind continued to howl. However, evahhhh, I have The Raza. Raza is the name of the electric assist bike I bought in Boulder, CO during my travels this summer. On this ride, the aforementioned wind was not a factor. I could hear it, but not feel it. The Raza, (named after the space ship in the Dark Matter series on Netflix), has three settings. Eco, Normal and Boost. Boost is very much like hyper drive, it’s that fast. On this bike, I can get to 20 mph from a standstill in 6-8 pedal strokes. The assist mode also lets me cut through the wind like a hot knife through butter. But alas, there is a better use for the hyper drive.  More