Fall River MA Bioreserve Off Road Ride

I got an invitation for an off road, (sort of) bike ride. It was on roads that hadn’t been maintained for around 50 years. Once there I recognized it to be a place that in my high school days, 68-69, we drove around when we skipped school. Some pot, some co ed’s and a driver. Who could ask for more?

The post highly recommended mountain bikes. Me being such a big shot, I figured I could get by fine with a hybrid and 700×33 tires. To keep it short, I rode OK but very slow, mostly in order to stay upright. I felt a little bad that I slowed everyone on their mountain bikes down quite a bit. In the video, you can see how the roads deteriorated as we biked.

I offered to make them internet stars and all was forgiven. I also learned how difficult it is to film on such bad roads. Not that I’ll ever do this ride again. Unless of course a great deal on a used mountain bike magically appears. Could happen.

Fall River Bioreserve from John Sullivan on Vimeo.