Day: August 30, 2017

Biking the Lakes of Loveland Co.


I had to take the RV to the dealership again.  This is the fifth on this trip.  Loveland Ford is going to take care of the situation.  All the others told me to ignore the information lights on the dash and keep driving.  I had and 8:30 AM appointment at the shop and took my bike along.  There is a lake region a short three miles away and I took advantage of the situation.

During the ride the dealer called and said their only diesel mechanic had to take the rest of the day off.  With that, I have to drive an hour back to #1 sons, and in the morning drive again to the dealership. With my bike of course.  So I suppose we can all agree that things kind of worked out.  Another day of riding the lakes.

Lakes of Loveland Co from John Sullivan on Vimeo.