Wednesday Night Casual. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I got very busy late in the afternoon and was worried about being late for the long ride meeting of the Wednesday Night Casual group at Staples in Fairhaven MA.  All of last year, I was the only one to show there, but would meet two regulars at the short ride meeting spot, the YMCA in New Bedford.

When I rounded the corner approaching Staples, to my surprise, there were six riders waiting.  We got the YMCA in the city and there were two more.  Another showed up, then another.  Maybe, just maybe, the ride is getting popular.  Then again, maybe it’s me.  Realistically, it was a combination of marketing and the weather.   Whatever the reason, we had a wonderful group to ride a really pleasant riding evening. One had to drop out with a broken spoke, so we will give him special treatment next week.

Wednesday Night Casual May 9, 2018 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.