Saturday Morning on the East Bay of R.I.

There were two rides offered this sunny, warm, Saturday morning. One was a full hammerfest replete with full spandex, helmets and all that other stuff , the other was a little slower, smell the roses kind of ride.  I chose to ride with the later group. My spandex days are long past.  I do wear the spandex shorts, but I cover them with hiking style riding shorts.  Tight clothing doesn’t do much for my image.

We took a couple of detours off the MUP to have a more pleasant experience scenery wise that the the MUP offers in small doses.  Naturally, near the end of the ride we stopped for coffee, as any bicyclist worthy of the bike life is apt to do on a ride.

Up next is the Monday Morning Wake Up  Ride with Margret, that meets at Bristol Community College tennis courts in Fall River, MA for an 8 A.M. wheels down.

Saturday Morning on the East Bay from John Sullivan on Vimeo.