Margaret’s Monday Morning Wake Up Ride


8 A.M. sharp.  If your a minute late, there is no one at the parking lot, near the tennis courts of Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.  Jim the retired Fire Fighter found this out today.  Luckily he is a strong rider and he was able to chase us down.

A short ride though the Upper Highlands of the city before a highway crossing into the industrial area.  Three of us did the extended couple of miles while the others took a break and waited the the Amazon distribution center.


On that extension, I was pleasantly surprise we were riding comfortably in excess of 20 MPH.  When we reached the turn around point, we all realized why?  Downhill and the wind at our back.  A strong wind that we now had to navigate back.  And the hills. Oh those hills. Short and steep.  Everyone was smiling between the curse words and gasps.