Annual Bike Commute


DSCN8351Annually this time of year, I volunteer to drive the Salvation Army Bell Ringers to their destinations. I like to ride my bike the six miles to the office. It’s usually my introduction to winter riding.

When I left home at 8 AM this morning, the temperature was around 33F accompanied by a stiff wind making the wind chill a brisk 28F. Buuuuut the sun was shining which made the ride quite comfortable.  I was also dressing in layers, and because of that, I arrived at the office perspiring.  Quite a bit. The ride home at 11AM was much better with that stiff wind at my back. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler but without the wind.

Winter riding.  I do like it a lot.  I’m not a fan of indoor trainers so when the conditions are not conducive to bike riding, I do a lot of walking.


Soccer Will Never Be Popular In The US They Said.

Kelly and me
Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta. #2 Son and my Atalanta United friend Kelly.

It’s no secret that I’m a soccer fan. A big fan. Actually it’s the only sport I follow. I do occasionally watch other sports like basketball and….er…. well basketball. I’m always watching soccer.
My local MLS team, New England Revolution, is not very good, the fans base is mostly youth players and families. New England hasn’t figured out yet that to be successful in any sport they need to build a team, not a business model. Every other team in the league has built a soccer model and the business part rides the coat tails.

I did do the usual bracket for the MLS playoffs and successfully predicted the four semi final teams. Over the weekend I flew to Atlanta for the east quarter final game. It did not disappoint. Me and 70k friends rocked the Mercedes Benz stadium and cheered on my adopted team, Atlanta United to a convincing win. Next is a home and away against the New York Red Bulls. I just may make the drive to Harrison, NJ in a couple of weeks to see the second leg of the semi finals. We’ll see.

Atlanta United v NYCFC from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Boz Scaggs

I had intended, as I usually do, to ride my bike the 6 miles to the Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA.  Torrential rain was predicted to arrive during the show and lasting through the night.  The rains came as predicted and I got drenched during the four block walk to my car.  Riding in that would have been epic, but most assuredly one of my life’s not so good decisions.

The show was crazy good, as opposed to the video.  I had to shoot this night hiding my camera under my jacket.  I couldn’t see what I was recording and failed to do more close ups.  The ironic part that no one else had any concern that their camera lights would bother the people behind them.  Times have changed.

Boz Scaggs from John Sullivan on Vimeo.