2019 Erie Canal Unsupported

We did this ride in 2008 and 2012. Brandon and I have reversed roles since out 2008 ride. Back then, I was the full time worker and he had all the time in the world. Now, he is the full time worker and Captain of Tilt Racing in Austin. We decided a few months ago, that the Erie Canal would be a great reunion. So here we are.

I am driving to Albany from Fairhaven, MA,on July 7th and Brandon is flying in on the 8th. We will immediately drive to the Amtrak station, pack our bikes and travel (1st class) to Buffalo. After spending the night at a cheap motel, we begin our trek to Albany.

We are not camping this time. We learned in 2012 that the hotels, motels and B&B’s were too inexpensive to pass up.

Total weight in the panniers is around 12-15 lbs.

The Riders


The Gear

Clothing for me

2 bike specific shirts. 1 dressy shirt (kind of) and 2 t-shirts

1 pair of padded shorts. Underwear style

2 pair of combination riding, painting the town red, shorts

2 pair socks

2 pair boxer briefs

1 pair sandals with clips. 1 pair sandals for wearing to the pubs

2 bike hats and 2 bandanas. 1 pair riding gloves.  Helmet is still undecided. It’s a towpath fercryingoutloud


2 garmin edge

1 Nikon S9900 hand held camera for photos and videos and one Kodak Playsport for videos.

1 6 station power strip for electronics.  There are never enough plugs where ever we stay, so we bring our own.

We also bring the usual minimal bike maintenance things.  Oil, patch kits, compressed air, spare tube etc. etc etc.  And one pedal wrench. We have to remove the pedals in Albany to box our bikes for transport on Amtrak to Buffalo.  We also have to turn the handle bars so the bike will fit in the box.

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