Tribute To MLK and Fredrick Douglas Bike Ride


The ride was originally scheduled to be a full moon, lunar eclipse, MLK and a birthday ride for one of our group, on Saturday evening.  The frigid cold that continued on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday prevented us from our monthly ride on any day over the MLK holiday weekend.  Everyone was back to work which left me to do the ride solo.

The city of New Bedford, MA has always been a sanctuary city since the mid 18th century.  We were the last free port during the American Revolution and home to the Privateers who wreaked havoc on the British commercial fleet.

In the 19th century, New Bedford was a sanctuary city for runaway slaves who traveled on boats from the south, laden with cotton for the textile mills. Some came as stow away passengers and others bribed their way onto the ships. Once they arrived, the slaves were protected by a series of tunnels that kept them on the move avoiding the Federal Marshals that were hired as mercenaries for the plantation owners to bring back their property. The city continues to be a sanctuary city protecting our friends and neighbors.

Much of the city’s history is displayed on downtown building by art. New Bedford has a monthly festival celebrating our proud Art, History and Architecture on AHA night.

Fredrick Douglas and MLK tribute bike ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.