July Tour of the Erie Canal

#3 son and I have decided to ride the Erie Canal again this summer.  We have done a few short tours together over the years.  Back then, I had time constraints and now he has that problem because of work.

We are going to meet in Albany, NY, take the Amtrak to Buffalo and ride back on the canal, (mostly). I say mostly because we have the option to ride NY Bike Rt 5 which is state rt 31, in case of tow path being mucky due to rain.  The first time we rode the canal in 2008, it rained 3 of the 6 days of our tour.


This time around we will probably take eight days to ride the four hundred miles because  we are going to smell the roses, as they say.   The last two times we did this adventure, we put our heads down and rode to the next destination.  We never took the time to stop at any historical or quirky places.  It was all work back then.  We did the same on our Lake Champlain tour and the Great Allegheny Passage ride.

The Great Allegheny Passage
Lake Champlain
Riding the Amtrak to Buffalo