Sunday Morning Chilly Ride

An 8 AM start was necessary to beat the coming rains.  I got around 30 yards before turning back to get another layer.  It was nippy.  I decided to ride the Rochester long loop with is around 26-27 miles.
Screenshot_2019-04-29 Rochester Long Loop Ride Strava

I’m not one to leave the house for a bike ride and see how fast I can finish. I also don’t wear spandex with matching helmets if I even wear one. That depends on my route and which bike I’m riding.   I always take my camera along and often stop to record things that get my attention.  I’ll be doing a lot of things like this in July when #3 son and I ride the Erie Canal.  That’s going to be a 400 mile, eight day bike ride and sightseeing tour some of the unique towns and small cities of upstate NY.