Amsterdam to Schenectady, NY


The final day of the Erie Canal bike tour.  A short 20 miles on paved path and some roads.

It was another hot day which forced us to make a couple of water stops. On outside of Schenectady ended up being the most interesting.    At the convenience store on NY route 5S we met an interesting clerk from India.  His name was a difficult one to remember, but his story is much better.

When we entered the store he told of how jealous he was seeing us on bikes. He want’s to move to Austin, Texas where Brandon lives and they exchanged telephone numbers.  He had done some some really amazing things before he came down with liver cancer, and is now working at his uncle’s store as a clerk. He is fully cured btw.

DSCN9954He has done some really crazy bike rides in India, running events and has also climbed Mt Everest.  His latest adventure was riding his bike on the ocean floor in full scuba gear.  His videos and photos were incredible.

Fellow touring friends we met on the Erie Canal

2019 Erie Canal Bike Amsterdam to Schenectaty NY from John Sullivan on Vimeo.