30 Days of Biking

I signed up on the free registration page to commit to riding every day in April.  It’s my 5th go at this fun pledge.   In the past, snow, rain, and cold all conspired to make riding a challenge.  I have never done all thirty days,  but… because of committing myself, I rode on days that normally I would have brushed off.  In the snow. The Boston Marathon Midnight Ride. Mellow Johnny’s in Austin TX.  Riding with whales in New Bedford, MA.

I will begin this quest and have a blast riding my bike.   Try it. You’ll like it.

30 Days of Biking from Maria Bartholdi on Vimeo.


7 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking

  1. John
    How do you edit and store all your videos. I am buying a Video camera and I now the video files are quite large so I was concerned about storage.

    Steve Gillum

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    1. I have a really good program, Cyberlink for editing. Power Director 15 is on sale now for $60. It’s very much worth the cost. I use Vimeo to publicize after I’m done editing. Maliek hosts a free Power Director University page. The link is a sample.

      I store all my photos and videos on my PC. I also have an external 2 terabit hard drive where I move and store all the videos and photos. I keep two years on my PC. The rest are on the external drive.

      It’s a fun hobby.

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