Martha’s Vineyard

I had been planning this for a couple of weeks while doing the series about Rail Trails of Rhode Island and Cape Cod.

Tourism on the Cape is very sparse. It was an easy ride to Falmouth, MA and another easy four miles pedaling on the Shining Sea Bikeway to Wood’s Hole.

Trucks dominated the ferry loading along with a few cars. Usually there are long lines of standbys for vehicles to board. Not today. Also, bikes are abundant on most crossings. Today it was only me.

5 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Interesting ride. Must have been very different to be in MV without lots of tourists. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great tour. Reminded me of my few trips to the Vineyard. Interesting to see that you seem to enjoy getting lost. I hate that feeling, but I should probably get over that and let a few “surprise paths” add a little joy to my life.


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