In The Words Of Prince Hamlet

To ride or not to ride.

Possibly it was Joe Breezer who first had second thoughts. But hey, the temperature is going to rise to 22F. That’s manageable. Just have to see what the MUP looks like so I can get out of the neighborhood by bike. Putting on sunscreen with only my eyelids exposed seems a stretch.

2 thoughts on “In The Words Of Prince Hamlet

  1. I really do admire those like yourself that can handle the COLD!! My gear, (the best I can afford) is only good down to 35 F and SUNNY, if it’s cloudy, I am COLD! 😦 At 65 on medicare and low SS retirement, I’am also afraid to “falling” and breaking something due to ICE!! I’ve taken a couple of good spills in years past now I just to ride if it’s icy out! The other thing is we can only afford 1 bicycle each and I don’t want to have ice, water and CRUD ruining my only bike so we stay inside and ride a cycle trainer. Have a excellent day! 🙂


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