A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t quite feel like riding. It was an early morning group ride in Rhode Island. Ten miles to a state park before returning to our start point. From there it was another twenty to Providence and back. During the first ten mile loop, I told the others to ride on and I would catch up. Brian insisted on staying with me while I rested. Soon enough I was good to go. I did drop out after the first ten.

Later that day, I took the pups for a walk and while doing a mild incline, I didn’t feel good again. After a couple of minutes rest, I was fine. Over the following two weeks, I did a 30, a 40 and a 15 mile ride and all was hunky dory. However, every time I walked the dogs, I felt chest pressure.

On Monday, I checked into the emergency room at my local hospital. Wednesday I was transferred to a cardiac hospital to have yet another stent. Before I was rolled into the OR, the heart surgeon told me that I had at least four heart attacks over the past two weeks.

The point of all this? My bikes will be ornamental for a while, and I won’t be contributing riding post and videos. I will be active here till I can ride again. I hope you like soccer. For example

Last night in Austin, TX, the world champion US woman’s national team, opened the new Q2 packed stadium with a game against Nigeria. Tomorrow, Austin FC will play their first game at Q2.

19 thoughts on “OH Oh

  1. Glad you got some warnings. If it happens again, maybe you’ll know sooner. You made me think of Redd Foxx on “Sanford and Son” – sorry. Take it easy, get well, maybe you’ll write more while you can’t shoot riding videos.


  2. Will miss your great videos but sure glad you will be back with camera and bike. Sending get betterer sooner wishes.

    Slo Joe (Bikejournal)


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