HallowWheels Bike Event

Event by New Bedford Starchasers

Co-Creative Center New Bedford

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

Halloween Costume Party Ride
2022.10.22 Saturday 8:30PM
Meet at 8:00PM | Launch at 8:30PM
Prepare your spaceship for a spooky ride through the New Bedford Starsystem in search of treats and maybe encounter a few tricks along the way! Come dressed as a MASH-UP of two of your favorite monsters and win a terrible prize! This 18+ event is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive! Donations welcome Venmo @newbedfordstarchasers.

Full Moon Bike Ride

Hi folks,  

Looks like Saturday night will be an awesome night for a ride so…

There will be a Sunset/Moonlight ride on the East Bay Bike Path on Saturday 10/15/22.    

Moonrise is at 9:38PM so we should not get to see the moon at all (unless we ride really slowly).     

The Details:

Date: Saturday 10/15/22.  

Location:  EBBP off Rt 103 near Del’s Lemonade.  

Set your GPS to 65 Child St. Warren R.I.


Arrive: 5:15PM  

Departure: 5:30PM promptly  

Sunset: 6:04PM

Moonrise:  9:38PM

Distance is flexible.  

Rain or high winds cancels the ride.  

We will ride to Bristol to enjoy the sunset at Colt’s State Park.  We will then return to the parking lot.  

That’s around 10 miles.  Those who wish to, will continue toward Providence till we decide to turn around.  

Turn around point could be as far as India Point Park unless we decide to turn around sooner (or later).  

That’s around 30 or 32 miles round trip. 

Other routes are also possible.  

Bikes should have adequate lighting.  

If you have a second headlight as a backup it might come in handy if the first one goes out.  

Bring water, snacks, cameras and anything else you might want or need.  

Bike Bits September

A week of bike riding videos. bikejournal.com has a forum titled bike bits. It’s short rides of 12.5 to 25 miles. I always bring a video camera looking for things to record. Many I use as B-rolls (short transition videos) for bike events that I work. Below is a combination of b-rolls and short clips from the latest monthly Bike New Bedford ride in MA.

Let’s Ride. It’s Been A While

A friend rang me from my front yard in need of water today. He was doing a recovery ride that is part of his training for the century fundraiser in October.

“When are we going to do the Falmouth to Wood’s Hole ride again, he asked? I responded that a few of us are go to ride on Martha’s Vineyard on a weekday soon after Labor day, when the tourists evacuate. I also told him about our upcoming Friday night spin with Bike New Bedford. Joe said he doesn’t like to ride at night and came up with a few reasons. One was that he cannot see potholes. I had to remind him that riding at night in the city is very different than riding at night. It’s well lit. I finally realized that he is probably just “ascared” of night riding.

On the bike ride today, I mailed Sue’s ballot for the upcoming state elections. I dropped mine at town hall last week. Neither of us has voted live since 2014. Mail in and drop boxes are just too convenient to pass up, and we don’t have to listen to the “voter ID at the ballot” nonsense.

MLS is winding down and the Revs playoff hopes are dwindling after yesterday’s 2-1 loss to LA Galaxy. A Galaxy fan was seated in front of me and commented how empty Gillette stadium looked. He said LA’s is always full. I asked him how many fans it takes to fill his stadium. “About 24K” he said. “Our attendance tonight is just shy of 29K.” In a 70K stadium, I suppose it can look kind of cavern like. But a new soccer specific stadium is in the works in Boston.

Speaking of MLS. I’m on a quest to visit as many soccer stadiums as possible. Next month will be my fourth stadium this year. I have it narrowed down to five choices, with Houston on Sept 12 leading in the polls. Nashville, Charlotte, Toronto and Montreal are the others on the list. The regular season ends on October 5th which leaves me five weeks to make plans with air travel and prices. I’m betting after Labor day, the major delays and cancellations will end, at least Thanksgiving.

The Revs face Chicago Wednesday night, followed by New York City FC on Sunday, both at home.

Gillette Stadium is pretty much the only miles I drive and always take our Prius. Because of the distance, the engine switches to gas powered during the drive. Gillette has 10 charging stations in the lot allowing me to use electric for much of the drive home. These home games have lowered our Prius MPH to 215 miles.

My Ford Escape sits on the street for months pining to go for a ride. I put about a half tank of gas last week and my record keeping book in that car shows 180 miles since Memorial Day on the odometer. Bike is my main mode of transportation for anything within 10 miles from my garage.

Friday night will be the first of a slew of bike rides and events happening in the coming weeks. My video cameras will be busy for sure. Till then. Healthy Day.

Group Rides Are Back

There are two fundraising and three group rides I’ll be working in the next few weeks.

September 2. The monthly Bike New Bedford night ride. It’s the first Friday of every month, from Common Park in New Bedford. This is a casual ride around the city led by Starchaser Commander Civitron

On Sunday, September 11, 2022 the South Coast Bikeway Alliance will hold its 5th Annual Pedal for the Path ride. This signature fundraising event is a cycling tour of the South Coast with beautiful views, quiet roads, ice cream and lots of fun. Starting and finishing at Cisco Brewers it will be a perfect way to celebrate the South Coast Bikeway. More details and registration info at http://www.bikereg.com/pedal-for-the-path.

September 19. 10 AM start. Save the Bay training ride. A 22 casual paced (12-14 MPH ave.) road ride to Great Hill Blue Cheese Company in Marion, MA. Ride will originate at Plumbs Corner in Rochester, MA.

September 23. Providence Bike Jam On the third Friday of every month, PBJ host a night themed ride through the streets of Providence, RI. Typically, more than 200 cyclists, from teens to seniors show for a party ride. Two stops at city parks for a dance party culminating at a downtown brewery of the organizers choice.