Western Adventure

We are beginning this adventure in Santa Fe, NM where we met up with #1 son and his son. Our first stop is Roswell for lunch and hunt for aliens with our four year old grandson, before moving on to Carlsbad Caverns. Next is Big Bend in southern Texas on the Mexico border. We were planning to canoe into Mexico for dinner, but #1 forgot is passport. The last stop is White Sands national park where we may try some radioactive spring water and see if we can grow a third eye.

On the way back to Santa Fe. #1 will drop us at the Albuquerque airport where we will board a flight to Atlanta to spend Christmas with #2 son and three more grandchildren. We also flew #3 son home from Austin, TX as a Christmas present. He has the house to himself for a while with the chore of caring for our two dogs and a cat.

Tomorrow morning, after two days in Santa Fe, the adventure begins. There is more to come. A lot more.

The Night Was Sultry

Packing for a three week trip can be crazy. Eventually I managed to get everything into a carry on. Sue has her stuff in a big suitcase with room to spare. When that got sorted out, I took the dogs for a short walk under clear skys and 45 degrees. Seemed too nice not to ride.

I stopped often, especially in really dark areas where the bike path wound through the wooded area, just to listen to and feel the night. At night, away from humanity, there is so much activity in the animal world, it’s very soothing.

I also rode into the village and along the waterfront hoping to get some photos. All in all, it was a great night to be outside.

Sports Sunday

It’s chilly with a chance of showers on Cape Cod this last Sunday of November. That makes is kind of a perfect day to watch sports. At the moment I am tuned to Peacock TV where I’m surfing three games. Brentford/Everton, City/West Ham and Leister/Watford. City/West Ham are playing in a heavy snowfall.

After these three conclude, Chelsea will host ManU. Then I have a two hour break, and if the weather cooperates get in a bike ride in time to tune into two consecutive MLS playoff fixtures . The sport overdose will conclude with the USL championship fixture at 8:30 PM.

“Futbol is Life”

Friday Night Full Moon Bike Ride

CANCELED by organizer

Full Moon Bike Ride

It’s going to be a beautiful evening Friday. Fifty degrees with little wind and a clear sky.

The Details:Date: Friday 11/19/21.

Location: Shining Sea Bikeway in N. Falmouth, MA.

Set you GPS to 13 County Rd. N. Falmouth, MA

Time: Arrive: 5:45PM Departure: 6:00PM promptly Sunset: 4:21PM

Moonrise: 5:49PM

Name: Full Beaver Moon

Directions: Take I-195 E to exit 40A. Rt 25 E over the Bourne Bridge.

At the rotary follow the signs for Rt 28 E Falmouth.

At the second rotary follow the signs for Rt 28 E Falmouth. Exit on Rt. 151.

Take a left off of the exit.

Go straight through the light. Cross over the Railroad tracks and take the next right into the parking lot.

Winter Riding

Winter is a time when group rides are at a premium. The Buzzards Bay Coalition in New Bedford, Ma is a group that contracted with me to lead group rides. We did two this month. The first was the Cape Cod canal ride. The video is HERE

This Friday night a group of us plan to do a full moon ride on the the Shining Sea Bikeway on Cape Cod. Ten miles from Falmouth to Woods Hole. Then ten miles back.

He is a ride from November 6th where I lead some birdwatchers to their meeting point.

Full Beaver Moon Ride

There will be a Moonlight ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway on Friday 11/19/21.  This will be the Full Beaver Moon.    There is disagreement over the origin of November’s beaver moon name. Some say it comes from Native Americans setting beaver traps during this month, while others say the name comes from the heavy activity of beavers building their winter dams. Another name is the frost moon.  Moonrise is at 5:49PM so we should  see the moon during the entire ride.  Fall nights are wonderful riding as the cooler weather makes for less humid air.    Hope to see you there…

The Details:
Date: Friday 11/19/21. 
Location:  Shining Sea Bikeway in N. Falmouth, MA. 
Set you GPS to 13 County Rd. N. Falmouth, MA
Arrive: 5:45PM 
Departure: 6:00PM promptly 
Sunset: 4:21PM
Moonrise:  5:49PM
Name:  Full Beaver Moon 

Take I-195 E to exit 40A. 
Rt 25 E over the Bourne Bridge. 
At the rotary follow the signs for Rt 28 E Falmouth. 
At the second rotary follow the signs for Rt 28 E Falmouth. 
Exit on Rt. 151. 
Take a left off of the exit.
Go straight through the light. 
Cross over the Railroad tracks and take the next right into the parking lot. 

Rain cancels the ride. 

As this ride is entirely on the bike path it is appropriate for anyone who is comfortable with riding at night.  The plan is to ride all the way to Woods Hole and back.  If someone is tired they can simply turn around and return to their car. 

Distance is 20 miles round trip. 

Bikes should have adequate lighting. 
If you have a second headlight as a backup that might come in handy if the first one goes out. 
Bring water, snacks, cameras and anything else you might want or need. 
Helmets are highly recommended. 

Take note that it is cooler after sunset and dress accordingly.  Dress warmly! 

Looking Back

A few of my blog friends commute to work and some have reservations about winter commuting. That got me a bit nostalgic of my commuting days. I found a couple of post that kind of explain my winter commuting joys.


“Why don’t you leave a little later and park closer”, he asked?
(cricket chirp) Visit the post

Two and Out

After finally realizing, (it took four years), that I could easily continue commuting by shortening my route, I managed to get two days of commuting before getting sick. Visit the post

Cape Cod Canal

The Buzzards Bay Coalition asked me to lead a ride on the Cape Cod Canal. A 14 mile casual pace on the mainland side. There were two other group rides today so I wasn’t expecting much of a turn out. I was prophetic, as there were only five of us. Because the mainland side of the can is very bland, I proposed riding both sides and walking our bike over both bridges (the Bourne and Sagamore).

After a unanimous vote we began and as we approached the first bridge, one rider looked up, saw the two hundred foot height of the crossing and decided to stay on the mainland. My co leader decided to ride with her while the three remaining did the both sides ride. Walking over the bridges is quite an experience. There is a six-foot wide sidewalk for pedestrian and bicycle access on the west side of the bridge. The sidewalk is slightly raised, but there is no fence or barrier between it and car traffic, and cyclists are recommended to walk their bicycle.

Bikes and Birds

Sunrise Bike & Bird: Shaw Farm Trail

Saturday, November 06, 2021


Shaw Farm Trail 97 Shaw Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719

Join BBC staff, on an easy bike ride to the Shaw Farm Trail to try our hand at birding with Nasketucket Birding Club chair, Justin Barrett. We will lock up our bikes at the wrack at the trailhead and be on our way. For those who want a longer walk, you can walk all the way to the rocky shores of Nasketucket Bay.  You can connect to the Mattapoisett Rail Trail – thus Shaw Farm Trail, from a couple places but BBC will meet you at the side of the Staples Parking lot at 7:30 AM in Fairhaven.  You can drive to Shaw Farm Trail for 8 AM but there is limited car parking for Shaw Farm trail.

Cost: Free