Bike to Yoga at Fort Taber


Leaving Hungry Heroes at 5:30.  Next to Staples in the KMart Plaza on Rt. 6 in Fairhaven. Bring lights for the return trip.

Fort Taber Summer Yoga Series

Monday and Thursday evenings 6:30PM-7:30PM Starting June 2nd, 2016

Drop-in only $5.

Please bring a mat or towel and water.

Cape Cod Canal in the Wind

Family was staying on Cape Cod for a week and they brought friends.  One couple was #2 sons in-laws from Minnesota.  They had talked about riding bikes and I offered to bring a couple so we could ride the Cape side of the canal.  It’s a little over seven miles end to end and the outbound ride we had the wind at our back.

We were making really good time when I spotted loaded bikes.  I yelled at my riding companions to hold up but they didn’t hear me. Naturally I stopped to chat with the bike tourists.  They both graduated high school in May and rode from Providence, RI to Montreal.  They were on the return ride heading to the outer cape to stay at the young man’s parents for a week. I wanted to stay a little longer to talk touring but when I looked down the canal, John and Connie were over the horizon.


Recent high school grads returning from their bike ride to Montreal

John wanted to turn around at the Sagamore bridge because he was leery of the wind  for the return ride.  I convinced them to continue two more miles so they could tell their friend that they rode the Cape Cod Canal, end to end.

The wind was in our face as we rode back to the head of the canal.  John mentioned how tough it was riding into this wind.  I almost told him that I was going to write about this ride and probably not mention the 8-10 mph wind in our face.  Most seasoned riders would call it a moderate breeze.  Being a native of the area and a veteran of many years riding the canal, I knew what was in store.

The canal winds along it’s course with a few sweeping curves.  It’s not a straight line.  As we came to one of the bends we got the full fury.  Sustained winds in excess of 20 MPH hit us dead on.  The wind was such that if you stopped pedaling, the bike would come to a standstill.  I caught up to John and had to yell to be heard saying.  “Now this is a wind”. I thought I heard a fuck you, but the wind may have been deforming the sounds. It continued for a couple of miles till we entered another bend on the trail that was protected by trees.  On windy days the canal morphs into a giant wind tunnel.  Woe is he who dares to ride the canal in mid afternoon when the wind shifts out of the south.  As we did.


John from Minnesota with the wind at his back.


The Sagamore Bridge where John wanted to turn back.






The game lures players to historical sites and they show up in droves.  One such place is a Revolutionary War fort in Fairhaven, MA. Fort Phoenix.  It’s a great spot to view the full moon rising and tonight it doubled as a backdrop for Pokeymon.

I knew there would be lots of people there and had heard that they were a very friendly bunch.  Both things were true.  Lots of friendly people and only a handful over twenty five.  Most over that age were locals walking their dogs.  The streets were jammed, the lots were full but most of all the atmosphere was very friendly.

I have heard and read lots of negative stuff about this fad and I think I can say with confidence that those who are the loud complainers haven’t been to one of these gatherings.  It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you smile.


Family Ride

#1 son and his wife are staying with us.  Our plans were a mishmash of bike, beach and movies.  I led the four of us on a casual bike ride.  The beach is not my cup of tea so the three of them happily went.  Tonight is movie night at the cinema.  A cartoon about what pet do when we leave the house.  It’s right up wifey’s alley.  She works in two rescue kennels locally so naturally has a soft spot for anything animal.

Not much to say about the ride other than it was hot and humid.

On a side note, no one remembered wifey and my anniversary.  The kids, the inlaws, the neighbors, wifey or me.  It came and went two days ago.

Fairhaven to Bourne Ma.


I felt like a bus driver today. This week is the family gathering.  #1 son from Colorado, and #2 son from Atlanta are around.  #2 son rented a house on Cape Cod and #1 son is staying with me.   It’s a 30 mile bike ride to Gray Gables in Bourne, Ma. on quiet back roads.  It’s also necessary to cross the Bourne Bridge spanning the Cape Cod Canal. It’s  very highly recommended that you walk your bike across because of the chance of high winds. No argument from me. The photo opportunities were too good to pass up on the bridge.

The ride took me through two really eclectic summer resort towns.  Onset and Buzzards bay. Beaches, old inns, nautical shops and two rotaries. (round abouts)  If you have never ridden your bike around busy rotaries, I can tell you that it’s quite and experience. The second was  a very busy place with vehicles jockeying for advantages.  Luckily the traffic was so heavy that it was at a near standstill.  With that I was easily able to weave my way to my turn off without any incidents.  The last time I rode this section, we had cars passing us at high speeds on both sides of us.  Some continued in their lane, others cut in front of us forcing a few hard braking incidences.  It was a free for all and when all was said and done, both of us on bikes kind of liked riding like that.

Tomorrow we will make a decision of riding on Martha’s Vineyard with a gang or just four of us riding to Elephant Rock Beach.  The rock is kind of unassuming at high tide but low tide one can easily see where the rock got it’s name.

It was a relatively quiet ride through the towns but the heat and humidity forced me to make quite a few stops for water. Needless to say, the supply I carried went quickly.  On the bright side, the frequent stops were also pretty good photo ops.





A Crazy Thing Happens On The Providence, R.I. MUP

East Bay 007

Colt State Park in Bristol, R.I.

We planned an early ride to beat the impending heat.  However, the phrase of the day was “it’s f*&%ing hot. It was a 30 mile ride along the East Bay towns of East Providence, Barrington, Warren and Bristol, R.I.  We ended by taking a ride up the Washington Bridge that takes I 195 across the East Bay in Providence.

It was a slow-ish ride on a MUP and the heat and humidity were relentless.  With that, the helmets were doffed and we worked on our bald spot tans.  Weekday mornings on the Multi Use Paths are pretty much dedicated to seniors or retirees on bikes.  We ran into dozens of them as we moseyed along and a funny thing began to happen.  Riders stopped acknowledging us.  Nick noticed it and I said, bear with me while I call someone in Austin. On that call, I mentioned that no one will say hello to us and we are getting dirty looks.  Brandon in Austin said,  “you must be riding without a helmet”.  Yup, if you ride at 10 MPH on the bike path in R.I. your going to die and go to wherever it is bad people go these days. We do have an answer to that though.

East Bay 016

My sentiments, exactly.

We had our hearts set on a great little ice cream place in East Providence and passed up a couple of spots that were appealing.  The dam place was closed when we arrived at 11:30.  What kind of ice cream place is closed when it’s 98 degrees and humid. We did stumble on to a joint in Westport.  I asked Nic if he wanted ice cream or a burger.  “Cheeburger and a frappe”, he replied.  “Make that two of each” I told the young girl at the window.  Little did I know that I would be in the Pulp Fiction movie.  They didn’t have five dollar shakes, here they were six.  Two burgers and two shakes came to twenty eight bucks.  To add salt, they charged and additional 5% if you use a credit card.  I have to say that both the burger and shake was really good.

There are no group rides planned for next week by  It’s family time.

East Bay 001

A few morsels of blueberry muffin and I had a new friend.


Martha’s Vineyard Bike Ride



Fifty five mile bike ride from Vineyard Haven to Aquinnah (Gay Head) on Martha’s Vineyard.

2016 July Bike Ride on Martha’s Vineyard from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Wednesday Ride On The Vineyard


We will board the 8:15 ferry out of Wood’s Hole.  $25.00 round trip for you and your bike. This will be an intermediate ride on a mix of multi use paths and roads.


A peek at Main St. In Vineyard Haven

There are two routes planned and the riders will choose.  A 44 mile ride to Gay Head or a 30 mile roundabout route to Chappaquiddick that takes us through part of the state forest and the back side of the airport. You can download the gpx file into your Garmin from the mapmyride links highlighted.

CLICK HERE for the ride I did last September.

CLICK HERE for the photos