Frozen and I’ll

Sue got her hair done last week. In the salon, there were a few customers, all wearing masks. None of the six hairdressers wore one. The owner who did Sue’s hair said, “I’m done with the mask crap. if I get it, I get it”. Three days later, Sue got sick.

The local FD, does Covid testing every Wednesday and Sue decided to go. I offered to stand in line for her and rode my bike to the test site. She was second in line when I arrived and I decided that, since I was there, to also get tested. It was a 72 hour window for the results. The following day, I began feeling sick and all the evidence pointed to Covid. My test came back negative, hers positive. Having the same symptoms as Sue, there was no need for a retest for me.

It’s been five days and we are both fine. Both of us are vaccinated and boosted.


While I was sick, we has a few days of frigged weather making it pretty easy to isolate. The temperature rose to a decent 22 F today with sun and no wind. I have been learning some new video techniques online and a bike ride around town to experiment with some B roll practice called me.

Bike Bits

I have been working on some video techniques filming b rolls. Those are the short clips you see in movies and videos linking the scripted parts. I finally sprung for a couple of essential hardware to smooth out and be more creative in my clips. They should arrive in time for me to learn how to properly use the gimble and wide angle lens for my iPhone. That will make the video quality much better than the so so one below which is a mixed bag of iPhone X, Go Pro 8 and Nikon A1000 camera.

Dragons, Aliens and Caverns

It was a really nice day to get out on my bike. I postponed editing today’s video to get a couple of things for tomorrow night’s menu. I stopped for coffee before riding to the park to meet some friends. It’s been a long time since I was able to relax inside a coffee shop. It felt really good.

I cooked an early diner for Sue and myself mostly so I could get to work on the video below.