January 21st And It’s 50 Degrees

Another practice run on my new editing software.  This time a slideshow.

Saturday Ride with Nick from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

After the Luncheon

I rode to a Luncheon today for a distraction of the inauguration . On the way back I couldn’t resist some of the things that caught my attention.

Photo Shoot by Bike

I went for a bike ride around town to take some photos that would allow me to work  on my new editing software.  It was a sultry January day on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts with an approaching winter storm on the horizon.  I got the photo shoot done in plenty of time and actually the rain didn’t begin till after the editing was done.

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2017 Fairhaven Photo Shoot by Bike from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

NYC Five Boroughs Tour Registration

Bike friendly NYC
Bike friendly NYC

On the first Sunday in May, 32,000 cyclists of all skill levels come from around the world to roll through every borough of New York City on streets totally free of cars. For one day, the roads are yours, the bridges are yours, the City is yours—there’s no better way to experience the Big Apple. Produced in conjunction with the City of New York, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour Presented by REI is the largest charitable bike ride in the U.S., with proceeds funding our free bike education programs. Last year alone, we taught bike skills to more than 17,000 kids and adults. When you ride with Bike New York, you’re helping us in our mission to empower more New Yorkers to grab life by the handlebarsNoon tomorrow, January 10, registration opens for the 40th Five Boroughs Bike Tour.  I will register “amidnightrider.com” as a team again this year.  Anyone is welcome to join during registration.   Joining “amidnightrider.com” does not bind you to anything, it simply gets you a really good start time.  There is a good chance we won’t even see each other over the weekend.

I heard the registration will be $100 this year.  It gives many pause, but having done this event eight times I can honestly say that $100 is well worth it. And it’s for charity.   32,000 will register, but once you get going and things spread out, you will be riding in clusters of a lot less numbers. Like the photo at the top of this page.   A hundred or so is a good estimate of people within a pitching wedge distance of your bike.

CLICK HERE for all the info.

Ride the 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour! from Bike New York on Vimeo.

Lucy and Owen Enjoy Their First Winter Snow of the Year.

2017 January 7th. Lucy and Owen in the snow from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Let It Snow


There was never any doubt that I would ride to the fitness center today.  As soon as I left my driveway, my professor friend from Mass Maritime detoured off the bike path where he was walking his dog, to berate me for riding my bike in the snow. He was aghast that not only was I riding in the snow but also that my tires were not knobby.  I reminded him that he does not ride bikes so his opinion about riding in the snow had no merit.

There is a prediction of a foot of snow tomorrow so I’m predicting that riding my bike will again go on hold.  However………  I just might install my studded tired tonight.  It won’t do me any good on the unplowed MUP, buticy route 6 will be fine with the studs.

2017 January 6th Snow Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.