Fort to Fort Bike Ride

The bike ramp exiting the NB/Fairhaven bridge.

Public: Hosted by Buzzards Bay Coalition

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2020

Meet at Staples in Fairhaven 17 Plaza Way. Fairhaven MA

9:45 for a 10AM wheels up.

A casual 16 mile ride mostly on bike paths and lanes. Roughly 10% will be on quiet streets. A brief historical talk will be given at Fort Rodman, Fort Taber and Fort Phoenix. (Two or three minutes at each location).

This is a casual ride along the Phoenix Bike Path and the center of Fairhaven. We will pass some of the historic sites before crossing the NB/Fairhaven bridge via the south sidewalk. The new ramp will take us off the bridge to the bike lane on Memorial Dr. to the south end of New Bedford.

The Joseph Saulnier bike path will take us around the peninsular with brief stops inside the Fort Rodman/Fort Taber complex. The route will continue along East Beach and make the assent to the elevated Harbor walk taking everyone to the gates of the hurricane barrier.

It’s then a short ride over the bridge again into Fairhaven and a visit to Fort Phoenix. A two mile ride on the Phoenix path will take everyone back to Staples, giving a total of 15.7 easy scenic miles.

CLICK HERE for the GPS route.

Watershead Ride

Phoenix Bike Path – Fairhaven

Tuesday:  October 20  5 PM:

Phoenix Bike Path:  Fairhaven, MA

Public:  Hosted by Buzzards Bay Coalition

Please join us for a nine-mile round-trip bike ride on the Phoenix Bike Trail through Fairhaven. View the beautiful scenery of salt marshes, forests, and local neighborhoods.
The ride will roll from the trail’s start at Main and South streets. Public parking is available on local streets in the area and at Fort Phoenix State Reservation, which is less than a mile away. If you live nearby, you can plan to ride to the start!
We will be following the state’s guidelines for social distancing, so please remember to bring a mask as well as your helmet, bike and water bottle. If you have a bike light, you should bring that, too, as the sun will be setting as we return.
Attendance is free but space is limited so registration is required. Register at

The Zoo

Whenever I’m on my bike, I always peruse the landscape for interesting things to video.  Much of my shots are all about nothing really. It’s just 2-4 second snippets that I keep in a folder for those times I need a short transition video, or a jpg shot.

Yesterday, I ended up at the local, (New Bedford, MA), zoo which has won a few awards for it’s humane care taking of the animals. All of which have been abandoned by individuals or have been shipped here out of necessity. None are purchased from poachers or trappers.

Some of the larger animals are quite old. Ruth and Emily, the two elephants especially so. Years ago, the trainers would walk Ruth and Emily a couple of blocks to the local Dunkin Donuts take out window between 11 PM and Midnight. There the staff would greet them with a couple of donuts that had been on the shelf too long and some hot chocolate. It was always a sight to see. When they are gone the zoo will transform the elephant exhibit to rhinoceros. 

Operation Hallowheels:

Saturday at 6:30 PM EDT – 9:30 PM EDT
43–57°F Rain

New Bedford Starchasers

Public · Hosted by New Bedford Starchasers and Midnite Romero Society

Zombies have breached the perimeter of the “Safe Zone”, wreaking undead havoc on the Intergalactic Posifunkitude! Welcome to New Deadford, the city that lights the future. It’s up to The New Bedford Starchasers to jump dimensions to a post-apocalyptic Earth and save humanity from the hoards of the living dead in “Operation Hallowheels: Ring the Bells – a New Deadford Story!”Hallowheels is our annual Halloween costume party on wheels!

Join us for an evening of games, music, and spooky hijinks! Then, stay for snacks and a not-so-scary movie (presented by the Midnite Romero Society) on the roof deck at Play Arcade!This is an 8-light year mission, flying at the speed of funk, is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive. Costumes and masks are required. All human-powered and assistive vehicles are welcome! See Less

Living the Pandemic Life

As always. Click any photo for big. Click again for bigger.

I continue to do my faux commutes daily. Ten miles in the morning and again in the evening. When evening turns to nighttime I’m happiest. You see, most of the group rides that I participate are at night. The full moon rides, the Starchasers and Providence Bike Jam (soon to be started again), are my regulars. Riding around town at night is very relaxing, and some nights all I hear is the sounds of nature. It’s amazing how many critters, large and small are active in the suburbs.

Because of the scarcity of bike events, much of my photography and videos lately are generic B-Roll shots. I had intended to do classic techniques such as, reveals, pans, wide to closeup and static shots, but alas, mother nature is offering up some much needed heavy rains over the next couple of days. After typing this, I just got some ideas of B-roll rain shots. It pays to think out loud.

Also, I filled out my ballot and tomorrow I will deposit it in the town drop box. I understand that all the absentee ballots and mail in ballots will have been counted by the time the polls close in Massachusetts. With all the chicanery going on, don’t we all wish every state did that?

Maybe I Am Pretty Good

Yesterday I ventured to predict the outcome of the MLS games. Twenty two of the twenty four teams played.

My predictions… The Results… Win Loss

Orlando 3: Atlanta 1… Orlando 0 Atlanta 0… 0-1

Miami 4 : Red Bulls 1… Miami 2 Red Bulls 1… 1-1

New England 2: Toronto 1… New England 0 Toronto 1… 1-2

Philadelphia 3: Cincinnati 0… Philadelphia 3 Cincinnati 0… 2-2

Columbus 0: Montreal 0 … Columbus 1 Montreal 2… 2-3

Houston 1: Dallas 2… Houston 2 Dallas 0… 2-4

NYCFC 2: DC United 0… NYCFC 4 DC United 1… 3-4

Sporting KC 4: Chicago 1… Sporting 1 Chicago 0 … 4-4

Seattle 2: Real Salt Lake 0… Seattle 2 Salt Lake 1… 5-4

LA Galaxy 1: Portland 5… LA Galaxy 2 Portland 6… 6-4

San Jose 3: Vancouver 0… San Jose 3 Vancouver 0… 7-4

Keeey ripes. When it counts for a chance to win money, I get on or two correct. When the pressure is off, I do OK.

Catching Up

Not much bike stuff to write about. I am trying to mimic my work bike commute days by riding ten miles in the AM and again in the PM. I’m sticking around town and not doing much video or still photography.

It was a crazy sports weekend for sure. Liverpool losing 7-2 just a taste of things to come. The Spurs beating ManU was no big surprise, but the 6-1 dismantling was. Marino’s smirk was priceless when his team scored the sixth goal against the organization that fired him.

Leeds had a golden opportunity to grab three points from City, but it wasn’t in the cards. I have been a Leeds fan for many years and the end of the sixteen years away from the premiership was a joy. They should have move up last year. The end of the season collapse was heartbreaking.

Major League Soccer

I have been a player, coach, teacher and anything else you can think of in the beautiful game. I consider myself knowledgeable about the MLS teams.

After my interview on Fox Soccer at the National Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas City

All that goes out the window when I participate in the predict six contest sponsored by the league. And man, do I suck at that.

My team, New England Revolution is so sporadic, predicting the outcome is impossible. They seem to play to their opponent. They try to out perform the good teams and try to under perform the lousy teams. Go figure.

Tonight, Wednesday, New England plays a very strong Toronto FC. Toronto is a much better team, so in keeping with the above paragraph, I expect a Revs win. The league doesn’t do the predict thing on Wednesday games but I’m going to give it a go on my own. I’ll post my results here tomorrow.

Orlando 3: Atlanta 1

Miami 4 : Red Bulls 1

New England 2: Toronto 1

Philadelphia 3: Cincinnati 0

Columbus 0: Montreal 0

Houston 1: Dallas 2

NYCFC 2: DC United 0

Sporting KC 4: Chicago 1

Seattle 2: Real Salt Lake 0

LA Galaxy 1: Portland 5

San Jose 3: Vancouver 0

Remember: I’m the expert.

Starchasers Pub Crawl

The idea was a casual ride to three or four pubs. Massachusetts is in phase two of reopening. Bars are not open, but places that serve food and have a liquor license can allow customers inside. We had a group of 20 riders and at the first stop, ten or twelve decided to have a sit down experience. I went into the restaurant to take photos and videos but quickly exited. The place was full and social distancing was not being observed. That some of our riders may get sick seems like a good bet.

The group was inside for about an hour which put a major crimp on the original route. Our ride leader decided to ride, in a round about way to gain some mileage, to the final location, an 80’s themed game room with an outside upper deck. We had the upper deck, with a bartender, dedicated to our group, and did we ever take advantage. Needless to say it was a wobbly five mile ride home. All on bike path fortunately. Well, mostly on bike path.

Darkness set in early which made it impossible to get quality footage during the ride. I did get some, not much, ergo the short video.