Same O. Same O. Not Really

I ride the same route around the same time every day for my morning commute.  I cross the harbor over the New Bedford/Fairhaven MA bridge to get to work close to the same time every day.  The bridge has a set opening daily of on the hour between 6 and 9 AM.  I cross around 8. ish.

I can get there sooner, or lollygag to get to the bridge later and not have to wait.  However, I get some of my best photos while waiting.  I dismount the bike of the day and look around to see what catches my fancy.  Some photos are very good. Some not so much.  Finding something not waterfront related is a challenge on the commute. That being said, I go with the flow and photo what’s presented to me.

It’s 20. It’s 50. It’s 20. It’s 50

The title is the forecast I have heard the last four morning before leaving the house for a bike commute to work.  No day felt cold and none warm.  In the 20’s, layers. In the 50’s no layers.  As we all know, it’s all in the wardrobe.

I went back to a tried and true, pretty intense weightlifting routing today.  As we say around heya,  “I’m hert’n ffff cert’n”.

Today’s commute began just as the sky way clearing from an early morning rain.  The clouds were clearing and sun began showing itself on a warm, windless day.  My commute is along the harbor of Fairhaven, across the bridge into the city of New Bedford, MA.  It’s very nautical themed.

Work Commute

Annually, I volunteer to drive the Salvation Army Bell Ringers from the “fort”, to their assigned stores.  I also get to commute to work on my bike. This year on my new Giant Electric assist I call the Raza. (Named after the renegade space ship on the SciFi TV show “Dark Matter”).


This morning it was 24 F when I left the house. However, the sun was shining and there was not even a wisp of wind.  The ride wasn’t bad at all.  I felt chilled, but not cold. Because I’m a regular on this route I know the bridge opening times and I knew I was going to get caught waiting for boat traffic. I resigned myself that I would be stopped for a few minutes while a fishing boat passed through the swing bridge I cross to get to the city,  New Bedford, MA.  New Bedford is and has been for decades the #1 fishing port in the country.  There are hundreds of these 70-90 foot boats, which explains why many of my post are ocean themed.

There was also a “huge” freighter in port unloading dozens of semi truck trailers loaded with clementines.  There was quite an assembly line on the pier as truck after truck worked their way to one of the three cranes unloading their freight.




Black Friday. Night Ride

There will be a Evening/Moonlight ride on the East Bay Bike Path on Friday 11/24/17.
Date:          Friday 11/24/17.
Location:  EBBP off Rt 103 near Del’s Lemonade.
Time:         Arrive: 3:45PM  Departure: 4:00PM promptly  Sunset: 4:18PM
Distance is flexible.
Rain (or snow) cancels the ride.
We will ride toward Providence till we decide to turn around.  Turn around point will probably be India Point Park unless we decide to turn around sooner (or later).  That’s around 22 or 23 miles round trip.
There will also be an option of riding into Providence and the Brown University area and Thayer St.  Last month it was a 50/50 split of those who continued into the city and those who returned to Dell’s.
Bikes should have adequate lighting.
If you have a second headlight as a backup that might come in handy if the first one goes out.
Bring water, snacks, cameras and anything else you might want or need.  Helmets are highly recommended.
Take note that it is cooler after sunset and dress accordingly.
Below is last month’s ride video.

Beaver Full Moon Fiasco Nov 3 2017 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Bike and Coffee

This is my third year participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Basically it’s riding your bike to seven different coffee shops of the course of seven weeks. It’s not really a challenge per se, but a reason to ride a bike casually and also enjoy a cup of coffee.

Today was a nasty, windy, rainy day and I didn’t know if I would get number 7 done.  Sustained winds of 25 MPH with gusts approaching 40 normally would make this ride difficult enough to skip.  The rain let up mid afternoon but the wind continued to howl. However, evahhhh, I have The Raza.  Raza is the name of the electric assist bike I bought in Boulder, CO during my travels this summer.  On this ride, the aforementioned wind was not a factor. I could hear it, but not feel it.  The Raza, (named after the space ship in the Dark Matter series on Netflix),  has three settings. Eco, Normal and Boost.  Boost is very much like hyper drive, it’s that fast.  On this bike, I can get to 20 mph from a standstill in 6-8 pedal strokes.  The assist mode also lets me cut through the wind like a hot knife through butter.  But alas, there is a better use for the hyper drive.

There is one of those annoying older bikers in full kit who has to catch and pass anyone on the MUP.  He never warns that he is passing and can be rude, never acknowledging a hello or howahhya or if someone is too slow getting out of the way he says something nasty.  I’m looking forward to the day that we meet while I’m on the Raza so I can pass him in excess of 20 MPH, riding “no hands”,  tipping my hat while saying  “mawnin”.

Coffeeneuring suggested a theme for the rides.  My theme is recording them on video. Soooo..

2017 Coffee Challenge #7 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.