Providence RI Night Ride

RI Bike

We got stuck in traffic leaving New Bedford, MA.  We made up the time on the highway while driving to Providence, RI to meet some fellow riders at 5:30.  We were going to be 15 minutes late.  Giving us 45 minutes for the three mile spin to the start of the ride.  One mile from out exit, traffic was stopped. Road sign ahead said, “Accident at 95 junction, left lanes closed.”  We got to the meetup at 6:15 and by the time we got to downtown Providence, the park was deserted.  I approached two sketchy looking men and asked if they had seen a group of bikes.
“Yea, you just missed them” as he pointed toward their route.

A bit down the road we saw a group of formal attired people and asked them the same question.  They were very drunk and convinced we were on some kind of reality show.  They wanted to know if they won something.  We took their cue and raced off in the direction they pointed.

We decided to ride the reverse route confident we would eventually bump into the group eventually.  We didn’t, and decided to ride back to the downtown park.  We hung around for 30 minutes or so and they finally showed.  We told of our chasing them down and were told that they did the ride in the reversed of the posted route.

In short, we rode Providence with the mayor without ever seeing him.

Just to make matters worse, a couple of them told us that they saw us riding like crazy people early in the ride, but never though of signaling us.  I didn’t get much video on this ride and what I got was pretty helter skelter.  It’s the best I could muster on this crazy, but fun, night.

Ride with the Mayor of Providence, R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


Bike The Night With The Mayor Of Providence, R.I.


Bike the nightOur group will be meeting at the Fort Hill parking lot of the East Bay Bike Path in Providence at 5:30.

Take Broadway exit off 195.
Left at the bottom of the ramp
Right at the lights onto Warren Ave.
Left at the light on Lyon Ave
Take the 5th Right onto Mercer St.
Parking lot is at the end of Mercer across the Veterans Parkway.

Click the link below for google maps…
Here is the gps from Fort Hill to Burnside park.

Ride Slow & Simple. This isn’t a race or a time to show off your bike tricks. Enjoy the company of your fellow riders and the scenery

A Little Ditty To Tie Us Over Waiting For Spring.

This is so good.  Click the Vimeo link at the bottom right, go full screen, put on your headphones and crank it up.

Heart – Stairway to Heaven (Live) from Hamilton Post Production on Vimeo.


Hiking the Bogs Of Mattapoisett, Ma

Bike riding is at a premium this winter. I had a lot more energy to ride in the past, but this year I’m quite content to ride indoor at the fitness center.  After the morning workout and ride, I take the dogs to the Buzzards Bay Coalition site called the Bogs. Previously a large cranberry bog, it’s now, thanks to BBC, a hiking, running, biking trail.  There is always someone walking their dogs in the mornings and I have met some wonderful like minded animal lovers on my daily walks.

The Bogs from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


A Little Something to Tide Us Over

Not much biking lately, therefore, not much bike video. Enjoy this while we wait for Spring.

I’m Definitely Riding Tomorrow….Wait, What?


I was relegated to the fitness center bike again.  I do admit that riding a stationary bike with a bank of TV’s in front of you is kind of easy.  I’m impressed with my speed also, averaging in the high teens.  On the plus side, the weather is forcing me into cross training with my two dogs.  We go out for 90 minutes or more in an area called the “Bogs”, where we meet lots of other dogs and their companions.

The Bogs in the snow AP (35)

The Bogs of Mattapoisett MA

I do spread seed in both my front and back yard every day and am visited by the locals. If I’m late with the food, the blue jay’s let me know with their screeches.  Other birds fly by my bay window back and forth letting me know it’s time to eat.  It’s pretty cool.

First Substance Ride Of The Year


IMG_2250Bitter cold and icy conditions kept me off the bike a few days this winter. Other than those eight or ten days, I have been able to do short rides, all under ten miles.  Yesterday, Sunday was showed promise of a decent length ride on the East Bay Bike Path (EBBP), in Rhode Island.  The start however showed signs of a potential failure.  Ice, lots of ice at around the half mile mark.  We had to walk around it and once we did, the 14 mile remainder only had a few patches of questionable traction.

We got 27 miles in at a decent clip considering the conditions.  That is, when we spotted standing water on the blacktop, it was difficult to see if it was icy till we rode over it. A few times I unclipped just in case.

On the down side, or up side if you happened to be my riding partner. My camera battery died during the first video.  I had to buy a replacement battery when the original no longer held a charge and apparently I put the old one back in.  So, I have to settle by using a couple of photos I shot with my phone.  Oh the humanity.


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