Happy Anniversary Keith and Mia

Today is #1 son and his wife’s 2nd anniversary.  The wedding was a week long affair in Playa Venao Panama.  And what a week it was.

Panama Wedding from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

30 Days of Biking

I enjoy the occasional bike challenge.  I came across 30 Days of Biking last year and after a rough start really enjoyed being part of that community.  Basically, we agree to ride our bike every day during the month of April. There is no minimum mileage, so on that rainy (or snowy) day, a ride around the block counts.  If you remember, last April we had snow the first week.


Riding the MUP in Fairhaven, MA


Provincetown, MA

Two weeks later after riding the Boston Midnight Marathon bike event, I was riding in 85 degree sunshine in Austin, TX.


Stevie Ray Vaughan

LBJ Library, Austin TX2016 Midnight Martathon 003

I plan on doing the 30 day challenge and the Boston Midnight Marathon ride again this year.  Both events are approaching quickly.  The temps are in the 20’s around here now but I’m counting on spring weather arriving within a few days.  No matter what, I’ll be on my bike on April 1st, and that’s no joke.

Road Trip


Spending the night at Cracker Barrel somewhere in Virginia

Sue and I recently completed our first RV road trip.  This was the 23 foot vehicle we bought in October on a whim.  We originally went out to buy a sectional couch for our living room and came home with an RV.  It could be the ultimate impulse buy.

Our adventure took us to visit family in the southern part of the US.  Atlanta, Georga, Ocala, Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach in Fla, and Cullowee, North Carolina.  We also stopped by to see friends in St Augustine, Fla for a day.  This highlight of course was getting to spend time with our grandchildren in Atlanta.  Second to that was being able to attend a surprise birthday party for Kate. Kate and Fabio lived with us for a few months while they were making seaworthy their tiny home, Tranquility, a 28 foot Columbia sailboat.  We fondly refer to them as the “Italians”.  We attended their wedding in the Italian Alps two years ago and that was an item on our bucket list that makes all the others pale in comparison.


Photo session falls apart after a couple of minutes


Kate and Fabio.  The Italians

We parked on the property of those we visited and either bunked in their home or in the RV.  Our two dogs determined weather we stayed in or out of the home.  Not everyone is a dog person.

While on the road we were able to stay in the back lots of Cracker Barrel restaurants.  That worked out much better than we had anticipated while planning this trip.


Cracker Barrel camping in Pennsylvania

All of the photos are   HERE

2017 Winter RV Road Trip from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Moving On


Lucy keeping my seat warm.

After a wonderful week in Atlanta with #2 son and family, it’s time to move on to the next stop in our Road Trip. Ocala, Fla is our destination and we plan on getting there today, Saturday.  We also got to spend a lot of time and got to know two of our three grandchildren.  The third being a week old probably won’t remember this visit.  Or he won’t admit to remembering.



Ella and Owen


Photo session falls apart after a couple of minutes when Liam is added to the shoot.


On The Road


It took us four days to travel to Atlanta in our RV.  We spent 2 nights in Cracker Barrel lots and one in a Walmart.  Planet fitness also came through big time for us allowing us not only to work out, but also get a hot shower.  One major perk of Planet Fitness is the ability to get a massage.  Driving so many hours every day makes the daily chair or water bed message that much more.

I was going to ride my bike to do some errands yesterday but it were problems.  I tried to jury rig the thing but only made it worse.  Luckily I found Atlanta Pro Bikes who made everything better in a day.  I called another bike shop first and there was a two week wait.  When I told Atlanta Pro Bike that I was only in town for a couple more days, they took care of me right away.  I used to tour a lot and know that local bike shops often do this for transients, and it’s very much appreciated.

We haven’t done a lot yet and don’t have many interesting photos.  We will be in Florida in a few days and will spend a lot more time sightseeing and riding places on our bike. For now, here is a taste of our trip.

2017 South Coast Alliance Bike Summit Ride


2014 Summit at Fort Rodman

I will be leading a ride on Thursday, March 23, leaving Staples in Fairhaven at 4:30, to the Summit at Fort Rodman in New Bedford.
It’s a 14.5 mile round trip route traversing both elevated Harbor Walks.  We will ride through the city of New Bedford to Cove road and bike the West Beach Harbor Walk then follow the bike route to Fort Rodman to attend the summit.

After the meeting we will ride the East Beach bike trail to the Harbor Walk on that side before returning to Staples.

***NOTE*** We will be riding after darkness sets in for the return trip.  All the roads are very well lit but bring your lights anyhow.

Southend Ride 012

A view from the top of the Bikeway. New Bedford, MA

CLICK HERE for the Garmin route.

Once on the web page, if you have a Garmin device  plug your device into your PC and you can load the route directly.  I think you need to have a Connect.Garmin account. It’s easy and free. Once you have an account you can click the “Sent to Device” icon at the upper right of the web page and Wah Lah.  It’s downloaded to your device.  If you don’t want to do that, just follow me on the day of the ride.
All the info is HERE