Operation Superposi: a New Moon Dance Party


Saturday at 6 PM 46–63°F

Meet: 6:00p / Launch: 6:30p.
Launchpad: Buttonwood Park Community Center
Distance: 10-light years, flying at the speed of funk.

Put on your brightest colors, light-up your spaceship, and join the NB Starchasers & New Moon for a superposi dance party experience under the stars!

This mission is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive! All human-powered and assistive wheels are welcome!

Please, respect your fellow space travelers. Wear a mask, maintain physical distancing, and observe all safety protocol

Sunday Bike Ride

On Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 9 am to 3 pm

South Coast Bikeway Alliance members will be celebrating Bay State Bike Month and the South Coast Bikeway with our third annual PEDAL FOR THE PATH ride by bicycling from Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport, through Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven and Mattapoisett before returning back to the start. Please join us! Ride the whole route or select a portion. The choice is yours. Just join us to show your support. Alliance representatives will be located along the route in each community to welcome you and share the news of the bikeway in their city or town.

This will be a socially distanced casual ride with no registration fee though donations are welcome.

-Masks are required when we gather at stops and can’t maintain six feet of separation.
-Helmets are mandatory.
-Bring water and snacks.

We will NOT be able to offer ride support, traffic controls, or pre- and post-gatherings.

Instead, we encourage people to ride on their own, with the opportunity to meet SCBA representatives at key intersections.
We have lots of news to share!

Please register, so we know how many to look for.

As always, you can donate here: https://www.facebook.com/southcoastbikeway/ or mail a check to South Coast Bikeway Alliance ℅ SRPEDD, 88 Broadway, Taunton, MA 02870.

All donations will be used as matching funds in our efforts toward designing and building the SouthCoast Bikeway. We have been successful getting grants, but funders expect us to provide matching funds. Your support is greatly appreciated.

THE ROUTE: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33707375

Distances are noted: one-way (round-trip)
WESTPORT HORSENECK BEACH Reservation to Mattapoisett : 26.8 (53.6 RT) miles
Starting at 9 am.
Westport and Swansea Representatives will be on site at 8 am.

DARTMOUTH YMCA to Mattapoisett: 16.8 (33.6 RT) miles
Starting at 10:30 am
Dartmouth and SRPEDD Representatives will be on site at 9:30 am

NEW BEDFORD Pier 3 to Mattapoisett: 6.8 (13.4 RT) miles
Starting at 12:00 pm
New Bedford Representatives will be on site from 11:00 am.

FAIRHAVEN Phoenix Rail Trail to Mattapoisett: 4 (8 RT) miles
Starting at 12:30 pm
Fairhaven Representatives will be on site from 11:30 am on the Phoenix Path at Main ST.

MATTAPOISETT – Mattapoisett Representatives will be on the Mattapoisett Rail Trail at Mattapoisett Neck Rd to share the latest news of the progress of the Shining Tide portion of the Mattapoisett Rail Trail from 11:30 am. Marion and Wareham Representatives will also be on site from 11:30 am at Mattapoisett Neck RD/MRT location.

RETURN ROUTE in reverse – Mattapoisett to Westport or your original starting point. 1:30 pm departure
Start times are approximate. SCBA reps will be on hand one hour prior to the start times.

Night Riding

A group of friends does a full moon ride every month. It’s in Rhode Island and is a little over a thirty minute drive. I wasn’t in the mood to do a thirty mile ride tonight and instead did two 15ish mile evening rides in town.

My mini tripod is broken which prevented me from taking any videos or photos after dusk. I need the tripod for block photography. For the novice, to do block photography, set the camera to manual, and take for or five photos. For the first, hold the shutter open for 3 seconds, the next for 6 seconds, the next for 12 and the fourth for 24 seconds. One of those photos will be near perfect. There can be no movement of the subject when using this technique. Generally it’s for inanimate objects.

I did get a few photos before the light faded.

I Spoke er…Wrote Too Soon

I published then deleted a rant about using this site.  A bit of reflection reminded me that we can find anything on the web.   I went to DuckDuckGo and asked how to revert to classic editor in WordPress.  Turns out, it’s a one click fix, and I can indent all my paragraphs.

When you are on the editing screen, click on the ‘. . .’ settings icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen and click on Switch to Classic Editor option from the list. (See the screenshot below)

Screenshot (8)


Biking With Books.

Thor Thor he’s our man. If he can’t do it Loki can.

One of the enjoyment of bike riding is bringing along a good book. Often my rides take me to one of the local waterfront spots. Many of my boat photos are taken during my reading rides.

I just finished "The Sword Of Summer" by Rick Riordan. I found this in one of those little 
sidewalk libraries.

I never though about this subject, and am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this genre.

Magnus Chase has seen his share of trouble.
Ever since that terrible night two years ago when his
mother told him to run, he has lived
alone on the streets of Boston, surviving by his wits,
staying one step ahead of the police and the truant officers.

One day, Magnus learns that someone else is trying to
track him down—his uncle Randolph, a man his mother had always warned him about.

When Magnus tries to outmaneuver his uncle, he falls right into his clutches.
Randolph starts rambling about Norse history and Magnus's birthright: a weapon that has been
lost for thousands of year.

Reading fables about different gods is so much fun. This one is the Norse gods. Odin, Thor, Loki etc. The people who made this stuff up had a much better, fun loving imagination than the authors of the Christian, Muslim and the Mormon types of fables.

My likes also include historical books like “The Rivers of America.” Science Fiction “The Silo Series”, and mystery and thriller genres. I don’t remember where I got the idea to order books by Mo Hayder, but by the end of the first chapter of “Skin”, I was hooked. I have another to read on my book shelf and also two more by Rick Riorden. Both are fables about the Greek gods.

I get tips on books from friends online, or reviews I see in newspapers. Also, there are authors who include books they like in their novels, either by quoting a passage or having the characters talk about a book or author. When I do like a book, I go to places online like Barnes and Noble. There I peruse reader comments who enjoyed it. I then look to see the other books they read. I’ll check out the comments there and often order that book. I always buy used naturally.

Wednesday Morning Bike Ride

Fort to Fort Ride

Meet at Fairhaven Activity Center adjacent to Stop and Shop.

8:30 AM wheels up

This will be a very casual pace around the peninsula of New Bedford and Fort Rodman. Mostly bike paths.   Also a visit to Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven. We will ride on both elevated bikeways. 

This is a great opportunity to bring your camera. The views are spectacular. An ice cream stop at Sugar Plum Sweets near the end of the ride is part of the tour.