Tour de Creme Route Ride

The Mattapoisett Tour de Creme is one short week away. I put out a feeler to see if anyone who did not get into the limited registration, wanted to ride the route on our own. Being Mothers Day, one of the most popular eating out breakfast days, expectations were low. Rightfully so, only five of us took advantage of the perfect weather. Mothers day morning did not keep the masses from using the MUPs (Multi Use Paths). They were very busy.

Next week however, the Tour de Creme will see in excess of 100 riders participating. I’ll be riding along as SAG support and a videographer on the 24 mile route. There is also a 15 and 40 mile route. After a three year hiatus, is good to see the return of the Tour de Creme

Sunday Morning Group Ride on the Fairhaven and Mattapoisett Rail Trail

Didn’t get into the Tour de Creme next week? Want to get familiar with the route if you did? Or do you just want to do a Sunday Morning ride on bike paths and ( some quiet safe roads)? Join amidnightrider for this 20ish mile casual bike ride.


When: Sunday May 14

Where: Meet at Staples in Fairhaven

Time: Arrive in time for a 9:30 start

The ride will cover all of the TDC route but not in the ride order. We will do it in reverse so we can end with the most spectacular sights of Buzzards Bay and Eel Pond.

The turn around is at Fieldstone Ice Cream Stand that opens at 11 AM. If we are early there is also a market with fresh baked goods and plenty for fruits and veggies.

There are plenty of places for lunch at the ride’s end if you have hunger pangs.

Mama Deluca’s Pizza and Subs… A Subway franchise

Travelers Ale House Local hot spot

Frontera Grill……Mexican Cosine

99 Restaurant

There is also plenty of the fast food chains very close to the ride end.

Friday Morning Bike Ride

Hi folks,  

I got this from John Nery.  A ride around the Taunton River.  There’s a lot of nice scenery on this ride.  

Somerset, Berkley, Fall River, AMC ride.  Friday May 5th 10AM Starting at the Somerset Creamery 146 County St, Somerset, MA.   All are invited.

Ride follows the West shore of the Taunton River North to the Berkley bridge and then South to the Veterans Memorial Bridge to Somerset. Ride Start is 146 County St, Somerset, MA 02726 The distance is about 23 miles, with a pace of approximately 12 mph. Helmet required. Don’t forget water. Bikes should be in good running condition.

Call or email if more information is needed.

401-624-4576 (8AM to 7 PM)

CLICK HERE for the map

Mattapoisett MA, Rail to Trail Conversion is Complete

It took 30 years, but the town of Mattapoisett, along Buzzards Bay, has completed their section of the Rail to Trail. Two towns, Marion and Wareham are working of their sections of the East Coast Bikeway. I have been an advocated of biking, city bike lanes and bike paths for a couple of decades. I was happy to ride the newly opened Rail to Trail path in Mattapoisett with my cameras filming the beauty of this path along Buzzards Bay in Southeastern Massachusetts. Enjoy

Vietnam. Part 1 Saigon

Returning home from our Vietnam adventure on March 13, 2023, I left my laptop in the TSA bin at JFK. Two weeks after I reported my faux pas, I got response from Jet Blue that my laptop had been located. In Alabama, no less. I guess that’s where Jet Blue sends it’s found items. The laptop was delivered to me on the 29th. Thank you Jet Blue for your service.

The video below is some sights and sounds from our two days in Saigon. We were still getting accustomed to the time change as well as the changes in customs, traffic, food and everything else that was foreign to us. Enjoy, there will be lots more in the following days.

I’m Itching to Get Back to Video Productions

My laptop that I left at JFK was found and is “in the mail.” I’ll have plenty of work developing the storyboard and editing the videos of our Vietnam holiday.

Also, a few bike events are finally registering for participation. I’ll be riding along with a couple in April and May. Also I’m planning two rides for myself and friends. Martha’s Vineyard and the Minuteman Bikeway in Boston. Stay tuned.

Got Some Great News Today

From Jet Blue at JFK about my lost notepad, with all the Vietnam videos and photos

<blockquote>Dear John Sullivan,

We are happy to tell you that we have located an item that closely matches the description of your reported lost item. We have, to the best of our ability, verified that the item matched to your lost report is indeed your item.</blockquote>