South Coast Summit Video

The final cut is below.  I’m ready for the presentation.  This started out as a 15 minute video.  With some advice from a friend who worked in TV, I got it down to 5 minutes.  Less is better in video production.  Leave them wanting more.

Click the Vimeo link at the bottom right of the video for better quality

A Pretty Good Weekend.

Chelsea, Watford and Everton wins this weekend. Life is good in the sporting world.

Also Brandon was home for a week.

Brandon and me

We spent a little time together, and I managed to get a photo as we were about to leave for Logan Airport in Boston. Most of his time was catching up with his friends.   As I write he is on his way back to Austin.  Which is not Texas.  He lives in Austin.

Home Again

Wifey and I traveled to Atalanta for Christmas.  The three grandchildren 6, 4 and 2 year olds, managed to fill every room in the McMansion with toys.  Two days later we filled two SUVs with food and toys and drove the five hours to Florida’s Palm Coast in six and a half hours. We rented a house on Cinnamon Beach. CLICK HERE for a tour of the place

22 cinnamon beach lane

The weather cooperated nicely for this New England couple, with overcast skies and temperature in the low 70’s for the entire week. Southern Florida would have been hideous for this winter lover. I saw mid 80s down there when I checked the Weather Underground app.

I’m not a fan of the lifestyles in Florida. Public transportation is negligible.  Sidewalks are few and far.  Driving is the only way to get around and it’s not a fun thing to do. Traffic laws, it seems, are illegal to obey.   We did rent in a gated community and had no reason to leave because we had enough food and toys for the week.

The kids decided to stay an extra day because sun was predicted.  Granny and Grumpy had a flight back to Boston booked the next day, which prevented us from staying.  That was fine with both of us, being exhausted after 8 days with the grandchildren. We filled one of the SUV’s with food and toys and drove the five hours back to Atlanta in eight and a half hours.  The Atlanta rush hour combined with an accident on the freeway got us the last 10 miles in a mere 60 minutes. Vroom vroom.

We stopped at the spa to fetch our two dogs, unloaded everything, unpacked some and got Sue settled into our home.  Me?  At 8 PM, I checked the bike tires, attached two panniers, turned on the handlebar light, the front and rear wheel MonkeyLectric light,  the down low glow light, and the seat blinky light, and set out for the market to stock up. It was a warm 45F on a crystal clear evening.  A great mile ride on the Phoenix MUP in Fairhaven, Ma, was a fine ending to a great vacation with the family.  Now to relax back into retirement.

We are both looking forward to visiting the kids and grand kids next Christmas.

In Santa Fe.

Life is Good

Sitting by the pool with coffee, breakfast and today’s paper. Doesn’t get better than this. One more day of perfect weather tomorrow. Thursday we drive back to Atlanta and fly home to Boston on Friday.

A wonderful vacation with the kids and grandchildren.

Winter Solstice Bike Ride


It was a mild 36F at 5PM when I left home for the six mile ride to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, MA.  On the way I stopped at the secret base of the New Bedford Starchasers and met up with a few of the riders.  We left the park on schedule at 6:30 PM, and rode to a couple of the collection boxes where we picked up winter coats and clothing for kids in need.

We were met at Common Park in the city by those collecting the clothing, bearing gifts. Coffee and doughnuts. Inside the holiday themed park were were also offered “cocoa on the commons” by a group giving away the drinks and snacks.

It was a great night for a bike ride with a wonderful group of riders. There is nothing I would rather have done than to spend the evening with these people. (Even if my video skills were way below par).

2019 Winter Solstice ride with the Starchasers from John Sullivan on Vimeo.