Biking Austin, TX

Actual conversation in Austin the other night on busy noisy Rainey St.
Me. “How far to 6th St. ?
Doorman, 6 street.
Me. Yes
Doorman, Yes what?
Me How far is it to 6th street
Doorman. 6 streets
Me 6th street
Doorman 6 streets.
Me 6 blocks
Doorman. I just said that. Six streets

Austin Bike from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


Bryce Canyon Utah Hike

We thought we had see the best when we hiked Zion.  Then came Bryce.  There is not better way to say “holy shit”.  Bryce is phenomenal hiking, and the views are spectacular.

From Bryce we drove to Goblin Valley where we found the campground full.  When that happens, its time to find our own spot. On the way into the park I did notice a decent dirt road that we decided to check out.  I drove the RV a little bit into the canyon and walked ahead to make sure we could get in and out easily.  It ended up being the perfect spot

When night was in full, I stepped outside to a spectacular star lit sky.  There was no light pollution and the galaxy and beyond was a spectacular sight.  I called Sue out and she began to call my name.  I was five feet away and invisible to her.  It was that dark.

Goblin Valley Box Canyon Camping

There was no room at the campground. We found this spot in a box canyon off the main road.

We are in Glenwood Springs where we spent a couple of hours in the hot springs before a wonderful Italian dinner in town.  Our next stop is a week in Lafayette, Co with #1 son and his wife and newborn son Koa Sky.  We will do some Aspen tree sightseeing in Black Hawk, Nederland and Lyons, Co.

Is there a video you may ask?   Well of course.

Hiking Bryce Canyon Utah from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Joshua Tree National Park



Sue and I spent the night in Joshua Tree National Park camping. In the morning we did three hikes in the park before settling in at the Joshua Tree Lake RV Park. A wonder day with a wonderful wife.

Joshua Tree from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Hiking Bell Rock. Sedona, AZ

Sue and I for once got an early start leaving the RV park in Sedona for Joshua Tree. We were going to stay two nights before moving on to Southern California.  Ninety minutes into the drive we stopped for gas and Sue noticed her cell phone was missing.  The find my phone app showed it back in the campground. We decided to return and stay another night in Sedona. We found her phone in the dumpster of all places. Naturally we blamed each other for the faux pas.
Things worked out well.  We did not have reservations at Joshua Tree, and we got to do a good hike in Sedona.  We topped off our misfortune turned fortune with a really good dinner at the Hideaway House.

Bell Rock Hike. Sedona AZ from John Sullivan on Vimeo.