Don’t Get Stuck In The Back


The best way to get a good start time is to belong to a team.  Join for a guaranteed early start.  This is our 9th year and we are always in the second group, 7:45 AM.  You don’t even have to ride with the team.
The five boroughs ride will without a doubt be the best bike ride you have ever done.


Thanks for registering as a Standard Rider for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour!  The deadline to create or join a team is this Wednesday, February 15th. 

Please click here to view your current team status. Standard riders who wish to start together must be on the same team by this Wednesday. Creating/joining a team is the only way to guarantee that you will be in the same start wave with your friends and family.
*Note: You do not have to join or create a team at this time if:

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To join or create your team, simply follow these steps:
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Start time assignments will be emailed to all riders in early April. Start waves are permanent once they are assigned.

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Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. We’ll see you in May!


I decided to ride to the gym this morning taking my chances that I could beat the storm.  I did manage to outrun the snow but the rain got me.  It was around 40F when I left the house and close to freezing when I returned.  When the storm hit, it hit with a fury.  I took the dogs for a walk on their usual route but things were so bad, I had to turn back.
You man hear in my voice near then end of the video the struggle it was to walk.  The wind was as we say around here, “wicked pissa”.

2017 Feb 9th Blizzard from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

There’s a Storm a’comin.

Tomorrow’s forecast is 8-14″ of fluffy snow. It was 50 degrees at noon today, the sun was shining and the wind was offshore. I called Larry, a new and very novice bike rider to invite him to accompany me.  He declined, so I set out for a solo ride with no destination. I rode just about a mile when my phone rang and it was Larry.  “John, he said, it’s too nice not to ride. How about we go to West Island.

Atlantic Coast WWII lookout station.

Atlantic coast WWII lookout station.

Larry is going to take care of our cat for a month when wifey and I holiday.  He used to have cats and built quite a playground that is protected from predators like coyote and fox, with chicken wire. The cat can also go to the roof of the shed and watch the birds enjoy themselves eating themselves fat on Larry’s back yard bird feeding station.  My cat, Midnight has no interest in chasing birds as you will see when you scroll down to his photo.


Our little guy Midnight is going to love it.


Cat nap

We rode a few miles to the causeway and crossed over to West Island wearing only light jackets with really no need for gloves.  An 18 mile spin hit the spot and now we are ready for the blizzard.


Larry crossing the causeway

Tiny house built above the flood line

Tiny house on stilts to protect if from the tidal storm surge.


Tour boats in Valpariso, Chile harbor

My friend Bob Ramsak wrote about nostalgia on his site Piran Cafe today.  He talked about Buenos Aires and asked for us to read his four year old post and critique it.  I acquiesced, but in short order I was taken in by his writing which gradually started to make me nostalgic for our family trip in 2010 to South America. I decided to once again share my story.


CLICK HERE if you want to see only the photos

Part I     Boston to Santiago Chile

Part II    Journey to Padagonia

Part III   Bariloche, Argentina

Part IV   Buenos Aires


Tour de Creme Promo

The latest edit of the Tour de Creme promo video. I have been working on this off and on for almost eight months.

Tour de Creme 2016 Jan 2017 cut from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

January 21st And It’s 50 Degrees

Another practice run on my new editing software.  This time a slideshow.

Saturday Ride with Nick from John Sullivan on Vimeo.