Two Wild And Crazy Guys From Carver, MA

My intention was to ride around town for an hour or so, just because. Near the center, I came across two guys struggling to put air into the tire one had just repaired. Well one was struggling, the other was making life miserable for him.

After our first introduction to each other, they told me that they has begun their ride at 6:30 AM from Carver, MA. which was a hike from Fairhaven. There were doing a century ride and were just under 50 miles into the ride. “We are riding into New Bedford and Fort Rodman”. I asked if I could join them and take some videos of the ride. They agreed and off we went.

My idea was to go off the usual route to the Fort and give a bit of a tour of the city. “Secret Places”, was the theme. That’s when your in a new place and someone you just met takes you off the beaten path to areas only the locals know. When we arrived along the waterfront, they called me John and we introduced ourselves for the second time.

Around the peninsula we went and eventually got back to Fairhaven where it all began. Nearing the end of the ride, I began video taping an epilogue and saying their names. “Not even close” Frank responded. Thos chuckled. It wasn’t long after that it was time for me to peel off and head home. We shopped and said our goodbyes and I wished, Jim and Mark safe travel after our third introduction.

Bringing In The New Year On A Bike

I really thought that, like the full moon ride, I would be riding alone today. That’s why I decided to take the electric assist bike. However, just in case, I set up the party bike. If there was anyone at Staples, the meeting spot, the ride would head east and pass very close to my home. There was, and we did. I did my best quick change from the Raza to the beater bike, turned on the music, and off we went.

The beater seemed unusually difficult to ride and one my companions didn’t care to ride with music. In deference to him I turned it off. Low and behold, I heard the distinct sound of by back tire rubbing on the break pad. I tried unsuccessfully to adjust the thing. Finally Dave chimed in, “you don’t need no stinkin’ rear break. I agreed and disconnected it. It was smooth sailing from there.

2021 Bike Ride

Ring in the new year in style. On a bike

Wheels up weather give us a sunny day with the temperature approaching 40 F. The wind at 5 MPH will not have any effect on the ride.

As always in winter riding. A little extra to keep the fingers and toes comfy. Wrapping your feet in tin foil will keep them warm. Just as it does to a hot potato. Two layers of socks work if it’s not too cold. Fingers will get cold first.

The Details:

Meet at Staples in Fairhaven before 10 AM (17 Plaza Way)

Wheels up at 10 AM.

A casual 10 mile spin around Fairhaven. It’s the same route as the full moon ride that no one showed.

Full Moon Group Bike Ride (Solo)

I got three likes on the full moon bike ride post. Normally that would be disappointing. However, that was three more than the amount of people showed. Ergo….Solo in the title.

Properly dressed for the weather kept most of my body comfortable. All except for the fingers. I knew it would be a problem but it’s one I can overcome. There is a simple solution to warm them. The two handed Al Bundy technique. It’s normally a couch move, but it also works well on a bike ride.

Eliminating a good chunk of the planned route was an easy choice once the sun set. I did spend some time at Fort Phoenix overlooking Buzzards Bay. Aiming my camera west, I got a photo of the sunset. Turning east, a shot of the moon rising. Repeat then repeat again. All this with the gloves off, which brings us again to Al Bundy.

New Year’s day looks promising weatherwise for a group ride. MLK day ride planning is in the works.

Full Cold Moon Bike Ride

There are still a few more bike days to be had this year. Well, actually there are three more. The moon is full tomorrow and it’s short notice, but the gods are serving notice that it’s a beautiful evening for a bike ride.

December 29, 2020

Meet at Staples in Fairhaven for a 4 PM wheels up. (17 Plaza Way. Fairhaven MA)

Light up your bikes to make this a festive ride. I’ll supply the music.

A 12 mile casual ride including the full bike path to Mattapoisett Neck Rd. Fort Phoenix and the quiet side streets of Fairhaven. We will detour off the path in East Fairhaven and take the riders back in time one hundred years riding along the Lopes and Carvalho farms.

Temperature will be in the high 20’s with little wind. Proper dress will insure this is a very comfortable ride.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon in December is called the Full Cold Moon, and it’s pretty clear why, at least if you live in the Northern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes. This particular Cold Moon will rise accompanied by Mars, which will be high in the southern skies just after sunset, as well as Jupiter and Saturn, which will be low in the west coming out of the “great conjunction,” which occurred Dec. 21. x

Lets do this.

Street Riders

I was getting bored in the house, looked out the front window to a clear, sunny sky. I stepped outside to feel the temperature. Not bad. Not bad at all. “Alexa…what’s the temperature?” In New Bedford it’s 35 and sunny, it responded. Time for a bike ride.

It was a pleasant surprised at the number of people on the MUP (multi use path). Bikes, walkers, joggers, adults and children, all having a great day outdoors.

While on my way to the beach area a group of young riders approached. At a road crossing, we had to wait for a car to pass. As I crossed the street one of the kids said, “you want to ride with us?” I accepted and asked if I could record while we were riding. They were all for it, and from the get go they were showing their skills.

I stayed with them for about 20 minutes before taking my leave and thanking them for the invite. This ride was fun.

That Reminds Me

Walking over the Bourne Bride

Reading one of my blog friend’s post got me a little nostalgic. bdggyjim in Michigan, wrote his take on imperial and metric centuries, and since there is not much to write about during these times (and this weather), I have been re-posting rides from the past. It seemed a good time to confess that I did a century. Once. Actually when we got to the end, I grabbed a beer and had someone take my picture. “Get a good one, cause you’ll never see me do this again”.

A young rider and his parents visit Provincetown, MA every year. Nick wanted to ride his bike to the destination. Nick approached me, and I agreed to ride the 100 miles to P-Town with him. For some god forsaken reason, Nick wanted to do a century, so we decided to ride from Fairhaven to Provincetown, MA in one day. Actually, Nick’s parents wouldn’t let him do the ride alone. I wanted to do a tour of the Cape, and this worked out great for both of us. Except for the hundred mile part. Nick rode his Cannondale sport bike. Me? A fully loaded Novara Randonee touring bike.

Last nights accommodations

The first 50 miles was pretty nice. The next 25 was hot and a bit difficult. The last 25 miles sucked. It was hilly and a good part was on busy US Rt. 6. The plan was to get to P-Town by 3 PM for the Carnival Parade. We only missed it by three and a half hours.

Day 1. Fairhaven to Provincetown 102 miles. Two things get stolen in P-Town. Boyfriends and bikes.

Day 2. Provincetown to Truro 14 miles Easy Peasey.

Day 3 Truro to Brewster 40 miles Google made a really bad route decision

Day 4. Brewster to Fairhaven 71 miles

Crisp And Sunny Early Morning Walk

Twas the day after Christmas, and the Nor’Easter had passed. Everyone was stirring, even the birds in the grass…. Except one.

As I approached my back entryway after the dog walk, a Blue Jay excitedly took flight from the porch. That’s odd, I though. Then I saw the tiny little sparrow, breathing heavy and unable to move. I took him inside the breezeway and gave him a once over triage. Seeing no evidence of injury, my hope was that the bird had flown into the window and knocked itself out.

It took over an hour, but the little guy was gradually able to keep itself upright. I put him outside on a dish towel and waited to see how things went. Eventually he took flight, not far. Actually a competition with the Wright Brothers and my little sparrow may have ended in a stalemate, as far as distance goes. He landed a few yards away on my front lawn, completely exposed to any hungry bird eater. Hawks, cats, or whatever. I went to pick it up again which finally entices it to fly up into a tree. No more than five minutes later, a black cat cut across my lawn a mere two feet from where I had initially put the bird on the dish towel. Seems all ended well.

Since bike stuff is pretty much dried up for now. It’s a good time to introduce the critters. We found Reba at a Humane Society Gala. Sue and I ventured into the kennel during the event, and Reba picked me. We took her home the next day. She was transferred to MA from Houston after her family lost their home during Hurricane Harvey.

Owen was found wandering the streets of New Bedford, Ma. He ended up in the Fall River MA animal shelter. We took our two dogs to see if they would get along. Our two, sniffed a couple of times and walked away from Owen. “Yeah, he’s OK,” is the signal we got from the other two.

The cat was at the shelter where Sue works. It’s a dog shelter, and cat’s are shipped out of town ASAP. Sometimes ASAP is a few weeks. The cat was not put into the cat room with the others, but sentenced to a cage in the hallway. Sue offered to foster the cat till ASAP happened. When she brought her home, I told Sue we should name her because, knowing Sue, we would be adopting the cat. “No way” Sue said. After a few days Sue decided to call the cat Soleil. I knew that was that, and a couple of days later Sue said she wanted to adopt Soleil if I was OK with it. I looked at the placard on the wall and said, “whatever you want dear”.

No Kids Around This Year

Sue and I are home alone this December 25th. Without little kids around, Christmas is just another day. We don’t buy each other gifts because we decided a few years ago that instead, we would adopt families through the Salvation Army. We both worked there for the last 10 holiday seasons, but Covid kept us away this year. We did adopt a mother and her three children, and were able to gift them everything on their list. We never know who they are nor do they know who we are. It can get awkward, history tells us. Also, last Saturday night, one of the bike groups joined the local LGBTQ+ group to collect and buy toys for local children. We were able to make a wonderful holiday for 25 kids.

Sue worked at the dog shelter this morning and I’ll be cooking a simple dinner of bake stuffed shrimp with squash and mango infused jasmine rice. On my dog walk this morning before the storm hit, I heard the distinct sound of lots and lots of geese heading my way. With a 30+ MPH wind blowing against them, the V shape of flying didn’t work. Each goose and gander were on their own which gave their flight pattern a Keystone Cop look. I grabbed my I phone, set it to video, and was cracking up watching them zig zag across the sky fighting the wind. Because I can be a slow learner, I didn’t check to see if the camera was recording. If so, you would now be watching the video.

The weather looks to be decent once this storm passes. A few days of riding before another round of rain mid week. Maybe a group ride to bring in the new year and another celebrating MLK later in the month. We’ll see.


Stormy weather is upon us in New England. Bike riding is at a premium because of the ice and/or snow conditions. All that gives me time to transfer some of my videos from Vimeo to Youtube. The first one to get my attention is the 2017 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.

340 of us put our bikes on Trucks at South Station in Boston that transferred them to Southboro, Ma. We filled five double deck commuter rail trains with riders for the one hour ride to meet up with our bikes. There was also an additional 2530 others who made their own way to the start of the ride. Once in Southboro, we located truck E and retrieved our bikes to begin the two mile ride to the official start of the Marathon in Hopkinton. It began with the steepest hill that saw many many get off their bikes to walk. This is one of my top rated rides and like runners do for the Marathon, this is definitely a bucket list event.

BTW. The ride starts at midnight, hours before the start of the Boston Marathon.