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A Vexing Conundrum.

Got the single speed ready for the winter.
Got the single speed ready for the winter.

Winter weather is slowly creeping into the area.  I was in Atlanta for the Xmas holiday and the weather on Cape Cod was pretty much the same as Atlanta.  Now that I’m home the cold weather has also arrived.

The single speed winter bike and the winter clothing are ready to get me through these next two months.  The only thing that keeps me off the bike is when the MUP is covered with ice and snow.  The town still will not clear the path even though it gets lots of use all winter long.  Private citiezens have done the plowing in the past but are always issued a cease and desist by the Department of Public Works.  The reason.   “It’s the DPW’s job”.  But they won’t do it.  I think that’s what is known as a Vexing Conundrum.

Here is a little fun from a Turkish Ice Cream Truck.