In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Symmetry.”

Cover Photo.   Many of the area homes have ice sculptures of varying size and shapes.

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IMG_0207She looks both intrigued and proud.  Below is why.

The past week was a meet the parents holiday.  Brandon and his lady Janae, traveled from Austin, Texas to Fairhaven, MA (which we now call Alaskachusetts), just in time for the second major blizzard to hit the area.  Because there was so much snow from the previous storm, we were running out of places to put new stuff.  Janae was in awe of her man looking like he was working in a coal mine.  Little did she know that this storm dumped a foot of new powder that was no heavier than fairy dust.

Taking a break
Taking a break

A note about my recent postings.

Most of my musings are bike riding and bike touring posts.  Being snow bound allows me to take online courses to help make my writing, photos and videos better and more interesting.  The Daily Post does a weekly photo challenge that suggests a theme for participants.

Move Closer

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”

While in Colorado this past summer, we visited the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens. I had my cell phone and a small point and shoot camera.  After taking a couple of standard shots of the glasswork, I wasn’t very impressed with the outcome.  The photos seemed “too busy”.   I decided to move in very close and try my luck.

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Off Season Training. Photography, Biking and Blogging

Biking is out of the question for a while because of the heavy snowfalls we are experiencing.  The winter months do offer a chance to improve this blog as well as some bike riding planning.   I bought a used DSLR camera and am studying photography both online and book reading. Right now it’s Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Along with the photography class, I’m learning use video and video editing to add some zip to the site.  Even with all that there is still time to  research the annual summer bicycle tour.

Brandon and have narrowed our tour to two routes. Buffalo to Albany New York on the Erie Canal, which we have done twice together. Our other option is to ride the  C&O towpath from Washington to Cumberland, MD where we will join the Great Allegheny Passage trail  to Pittsburgh. I did the GAP last year with a large tour group, but would love to ride the rail trail route again this summer with just the two of us.  We will mix camping with Hostels and B&Bs.

In order to make sharing all the above more interesting I’m taking a blogging course.  I did sign up for “blogging 101” but am also going to dive right in to blogging 201.  I feel like I’m in between the two classes and can get some good experiences and training using both simultaneously.  Today’s topic on “101” was to introduce yourself which can be a challenge and awkward. Introductions can lead to self depreciation, overdone self praise or just plain uninteresting rambling.

I wanted to go back to my first bicycle blog posting on MyDearDiary but that is no longer available.  In 2005, I moved to another blogging site and now have to consider that my first blog.  I was new to the bike club scene and began riding with the Brown University Tuesday night  Blackstone Blvd. Paceline group.  On May 11, 2005, I made my first BLOG POSTING Continue reading “Off Season Training. Photography, Biking and Blogging”


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”TimeSquareBrandon

This says New York subway on it’s own.   The deco, Times Square, 42nd St. and the subjects lost in the moment.  The photo shifts our impression however,  when the third person is noticed.