Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Garden

Chihuly exhibit

Dale Chihuly (born September 20, 1941), is an Americanglass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered unique to the field of blown glass, “moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture,” (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston). The technical difficulties of working with glass forms are considerable, yet Chihuly uses it as the primary medium for installations and environmental artwork.[2]

We spent this warm sunny Sunday afternoon at the Denver Botanic Gardens that was featuring the glass work of Dale Chihuly.  The Gardens should definitely be one’s must see things when visiting Colorado. CLICK HERE for the full photo collection



We ended the day dining on the outdoor area of Root Down restaurant in Denver. A wonderful kale and Brussels sprout salad followed by PEI mussels cooked in coconut red curry, white wine and Israeli couscous with scallions and fine herbs, was my choice.

We were hoping to be joined by our friend Dave, The Polish Ambasador but things didn’t pan out. The sold out concert in Denver the previous night was off the hook at they say. There was an upstairs lounge where us old timers could sit and watch everything on the big screen away from the mayhem of the club atmosphere.

All the Botanical Garden photos are HERE



Wifey and I are in Colorado for the Thorne Institute annual fundraiser.  We will be rubbing elbows with some VIPs and some schmucks.  I am comfortable around both and look forward to the diverse group of benefactors.

That’s the business end of this trip which is about 4 hours out of this week long visit.  The rest is shorts and tee shirt stuff. We drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming and overdosed on shopping at the Sierra Trading post, buying mostly twice returned athletic and dress shoes. There was a nice looking thong in the twice returned miscellaneous bin, but the size was not right.  I was going to offer that item as a prize for a contest I’m thinking about running on this site. Maybe next year.

Ft. Collins Co.

On the return trip to Boulder, we stopped for lunch in the League Of American Bicyclist gold star city of Ft. Collins.  Bikes were everywhere and the bike infrastructure and driver awareness of those walking an riding was refreshing.

Tonight is the gala, Tomorrow is the Polish Ambasador/Saqi concert followed by an after concert backstage brownie tasting party. Sunday is set aside for emergency room detox if it’s needed.



Bike Repair Stations

Another station was installed this week at the Town Yard on Arsene St. in Fairhaven.  There is also a station at Fort Tabor and another near No Problemo Taqueria in New Bedford.  The town of Fairhaven has also installed a few bike racks in various location.  We are slowly becoming a candidate for at least a Bronze award from the League of American Bicyclists.

Bike Repair Station on the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, MA

Cycling Around the Alpilles in France

The view from the top of the hill in Eygalieres is stunning. It was worth the climb up!

Our good friend Margie from Toronto toured Austria with my wife and I a few years ago.  She decided to do another European bike ride this year in the Provence area of France.  Needless to say, I’m kind of jealous.

She is posting daily on crazyguyonabike, a popular bike touring web host.

CLICK HERE to keep up with her daily postings. Be forewarned that reading her adventure will make you want to tour on your bike.

Landon’s Final Game in Hartford, Conneticut.

I bought the best tickets as soon as they went on sale. This match will be phenomenal with lots of past World Cup player attending to the retirement tribute to Landon Dononvan. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

This Weekend Offers A Really Great Ride

NBW #130 Cape Caper
Bourne – Monument Beach – Pocasset – Cataumet – Snug Harbor
North Falmouth – West Falmouth – Sippiwisset – Quissett
Woods Hole – WHOI – Falmouth – East Falmouth
Mashpee – Sandwich – Sagamore

25, 41 & 62 mile routes

Explore the Cape on quiet back roads. We will follow the Buzzard’s Bay shore to Woods Hole, then on to Falmouth, heading back past ponds and pine woods, finishing with a run along the Cape Cod Canal.

This route is a personal favorite, and everybody should ride it at lease once. It’s a route that mixes beautiful riding, and spectacular views. Ignore the complexity of the map, follow the arrows and enjoy the Cape off season. Leave the power bars and gels at home. Bring your wallet and have the real stuff, baked from scratch, at Pie in the Sky Bakery at mile 22. You will not be disappointed. FYI – they have Gluten Free options. How many bakeries have bike racks and a bike pump ready for cyclists?

Pie In The Sky bakery at Woods Hole

Pie In The Sky bakery at Woods Hole

Everything you need to know about the ride is HERE

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