Summer Bike Tour Is Booked

I did a bike tour with Rails to Trail a few years ago and didn’t think much of it. Read it HERE. The route was very blah and there was really nothing to see or do between the overnight stops.

This summer’s tour is on a trail that I have been wanting to ride for years but always changed my mind and rode somewhere else. I made the plunge and signed up with Rails to Trails for the mid June Sojourn. It’s three different trails in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The price was right and I booked a couple of B&B’s to break up the 6 days of camping that were offered.

2 thoughts on “Summer Bike Tour Is Booked

  1. it must be that time of year… pining for the summer rides as the snow and cold boxes us in. I’m in the process of working out our first camping/mountain bike trip for end of March. I’m also pondering a rail trail/fat bike ride with a buddy for June… and looking forward to a summer of tooling around the trails and fire roads of the Colville Nat’l Forest. arrrg. live in the moment. live in the moment. live in the moment.


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