Vivitar HD Mini Recorder

The Vivitar a cheaper version of the GoPro retailing for $99 when it’s not on sale. I hit it right at Kohl’s department store and got it for $40. On this ride I recorded with the camera on the handlebar using the enclosed mount. I will try the helmet mount soon but first I’ll have to dig around the garage to see if I can dig up the helmet I bought a few months ago. I took it out of the box to take a picture of it and haven’t seen it since. It will turn up I’m sure. The Vivitar also came with a sealed case for underwater or space filming. I may never do either but at least I have the protection for my camera if I do go back home to Mars or visit wifey’s family on Venus.

There were times when I though the thing was on and it was not. Consequently I don’t have footage of any of the good stuff I thought I was recording. I also learned that pointing the camera straight ahead was very blah. When it was taking shots to either side the footage was much more interesting. Practice, practice, practice.

This is an unedited video as a test of how things look on the web. It will be here a few days while I edit to the final cut. I added some music so anyone looking can at least enjoy bopping your head during the preview.

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