So Close, Yet….So Far


Just when things are beginning to clear on the alternated routes through town, we are getting blasted with another major snow storm. It’ wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that the elected members of the DPW will not allow that department to clear the MUP during the winter. Spring, summer and fall the town sends trucks and tractors of all sized to maintain the path. In the winter however, those same pieces of equipment are too big for the path to handle. The excuses for not plowing? Choose one below and if that doesn’t stick, Choose another

The Plow is too big.
The Path is too thin.
We tried it and the backhoe tipped over
The plow will tear up the grass on the side.
It’s for the cross country skiers in the winter
We don’t have the proper equipment
The town can’t afford it
Town Finance committee won’t fund a special piece of equipment so nya nya

The good news is that after the storm, the temperatures will gradually rise to the high 40’s over the course of a few days and all the new stuff will be gone by next weekend.

Part II

It began snowing pretty heavy and we decide to cancel our dinner date with friends. I cooked up some leftovers but not before taking two of my buddies for a walk on the MUP.

Baxter our 11 year old lab

Lucy our 7 year old Welsh Terrier
Lets Play

The almost clear path is no longer

Lucy often help me bring Baxer home

One thought on “So Close, Yet….So Far

  1. Most of the trails around here are left uncleared for the XC skier crowd, which I wouldn’t mind trying out. The big trail (Heritage RT) is currently closed because of the downed trees from the big ice storm we had. All the more reason to buy that fat bike!


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