On The Roads Again


It has been quite a while since the road bike got some use. The temperature today again hovered around 50F which is more than good enough for a road ride. After being a member of Strava for a few years, I posted my first ride today. I am also a member of Garmin connect, ride with GPS and Map My Ride. I still don’t know where I will end up, but I have some good rides posed on Garmin, GPS and Map My Ride that friends and local readers of my bike blogs use as references.

Around the midpoint of this ride a fellow biker pulled up alongside and struck up a conversation. His timing couldn’t have been worse for me because it was at the base of what we call Lance’s Hill. It’s know as that because it resembles a pretty famous picture taken from a distance with a telephoto lens of Lance climbing a hill on farmland. It’s not usually a difficult climb except that today was my first day on the road bike in months. Mark was his name and he was younger and a stronger rider. He rode this hill easily while even though I kept up, it was a struggle. This happened a couple of times and if I lagged behind, Mark would slow and wait for me so we could talk some. Our kits would be a dead give away for any who saw us. Mark was in full kit of shirt, shorts, leggings and helmet. I was in my commuting outfit, with a medium weight polar fleece and a stocking cap.

It looks like two days of riding this week with a couple of inches of snow on Wednesday to again send me into the gym on the stationary bike. But….we can all see the light waaaaaay off at the end of the tunnel. Way off.

Crossing the River Rd. Bridge in Mattapoisett, Ma.

Rochester Ma ice cream shop, closed for the season.

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