Winter Is Winding Down

It was a nice day for a short ride but it’s still winter.

It has been a difficult few weeks for bike riding in Southeastern Massachusetts. The multiple snow events have kept the roads and MUPs pretty much too shitty to ride a bike over. I have been relegated to the gym on a stationary bike, something I have avoided for years. I always felt like I wasn’t getting much of a workout, and when I would see others on one of those bikes, I would shake my head and think, what a waste.

While reading Bicycle Magazine last month, an article caught my attention. It was about interval training on a stationary bike when outside riding was too risky. I gave those intervals a try and got some good workouts. In the middle of all that I came to a brilliant conclusion. I could take it upon myself to make sure the stationary bike gave me a good workout. Now when I finish my 50 or 55 minutes I’m soaked through and through and I’m even a little wobbly when I step off the bike.

I did find the magic formula that insures me a high intensity workout. My ipod. I crank up the music and often find myself matching the cadence to the song. Yesterday one of the songs was finishing with a nice long crescendo and it was in the last couple of minutes of my workout. My cadence had spiked to 24MPH and I sustained that for a couple of minutes giving me a nice high intensity sprint to end the ride.

Today settled into a calm, sunny, brisk 29 degree day. I had to run an errand and took out the old commuter bike for the short trip into town. A face mask, stocking cap and sunglasses, a style that gave me the uni-bomber look, made the ride pretty comfortable. I did bring my camera, but after taking one photo early in the ride, I forgot all about it and kind of got into a zone while riding. One of those zones where you don’t remember anything about the ride which brings me to the end of this post

2 thoughts on “Winter Is Winding Down

  1. The seasons in the northwest are acting like Chip and Dale. “After you.” “Oh no, after you.” No, you first. I insist.” We went from near 0-degrees and six inches of snow on Sunday to 48 degrees and sunny skies today. I look forward to putting the studs away and rolling on some smooth tires for a change.


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