Mapping The Bike Summit Route


Date: March 27 2014
Meet at Cork’s Wine and Tapas bar for a 4:15 start. If necessary there will be another led bike ride leaving Corks at 5:30 for those who cannot make the 4:15 start.

We will be riding on very wide and bike friendly city streets, some bike lane and off road paths which will get us to Fort Rodman/Fort Taber by way of west beach. This 4:15 route offers a tour of Fort Rodman and the batteries that were built to protect the city from and invasion by sea. The early ride will arrive a few minutes before the 5PM social. The return leg will be the shorter East Beach route. This will be after dark on pretty well lit, wide laned roads and a bike path. Bring a light and helmet if you want, but you can easily get by without either, safely. It’s around 3 miles each direction and the route is very flat. Any bike will do including fixed and single speed.

The 5:30 ride will be by the more direct East Beach route and will arrive a few minutes before the 6PM start of the summit.

The route is HERE at Map My Ride
Riding along West Beach


We will enter Fort Rodman on west Rodney French Blvd.

Once inside the fort we will ride along the waterfront that during WWII was protected by a number of batteries overlooking the bay.

Our last sight before the meeting house is Fort Taber which was designed by Robert E Lee. And one of the on sight engineers was Henry Martyn Robert noted author of Roberts Rules of Order.

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