St Padddy’s Weekend

Posting no parking signs along the New Bedford, MA peninsular.

The last big training run for the Boston Marathon is the New Bedford Half Marathon. The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick took over the logistics of this race a few years ago. I offered my services to post the no parking signs around the peninsular around the south end of the city. I worked alone and got all the signs up in about four hours. It was pretty cool walking my old stomping grounds. After the race on Sunday I again walked the peninsular taking down all those signs. It took a while but it was fun.

After the race we workers were all invited to gather for food and refreshments at Slante Irish Pub formally the Catwalk. Slante is Gaelic for cheers by the way. It was there that I was introduced to the Mayor of Derry, Ireland, Martin Reilly. We spent some time talking about his visit to the states but mostly we talked about the English Premier League. He is a Liverpool supporter and I an Aresenal supporter. The conversation stayed friendly but it got lively especially when I broached the subject of American politics.

The Mayor of Derry, Ireland and amidnightrider

Volunteering can be very rewarding and fun but it also can be very cool because of the people you get to meet. Today was one of those very cool days.

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