Garmin Edge Touring GPS


Time: 2:27:15
Moving Time: 1:44:46
Elapsed Time: 3:49:04
Avg Speed: 8.9 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 12.5 mph
Max Speed: 24.7 mph


Today’s ride was a test for the new Garmin Edge Touring GPS.  The device was purchased to be used on my two long tours this year.  The Edge touring passed the easy test with flying colors today.  I downloaded a regular route and let the Garmin take me on a turn by turn bike ride.  Tomorrow I’ll try a couple more navigation items just to begin to learn what the device can do.   I’ll do this on the Cape Cod Canal both sided crossing both bridges ride.   I will be leaving the lot in Buzzards Bay, at the Rail Road bridge at 10AM.    If your a local and you want to ride along.  Meet me there and I ‘ll show you all the secret places the canal route has hidden away.

The rain has ended but the effects of the heavy rains remain.


One thought on “Garmin Edge Touring GPS

  1. I have the Edge Touring also and am happy with it. It’s got everything I need, but I haven’t tried the navigation options yet. I like being able to use both the maps it came with and the topo map I have for my old hand held gps.



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