East Providence to Briston R.I.

Honorary Midnight Riders


As always, click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger.

“Is that a video camera on your head”.

“No, it’s a light.  We are getting ready for the Midnight Marathon on Sunday.

“Really?  Me to”.

We are also training for the Five Boroughs ride in NYC in two weeks”.

“Really? Me to”.  That’s where 32,000 of us will grab life by the handlebars and ride the five boroughs and cross five bridges of New York City.

How could I not induct these two into the realm of A Midnight Rider, when it’s obvious to even the most casual observer how these two fit into the riding brother/sister- hood.  Till this morning it was a brotherhood but I have been enlightened.  Most people I tell about the rides warn of the dangers of riding in Boston… at night….on the marathon route no less.  And the mention of NYC to many bring out their fear of getting blown up or accosted by Yankee fans.  When I hear this I always ask one question.

“Have to been there or done that?”

The two new “riders”  also talked me into buying a breakfast of 2 pancakes and a slice of bacon for eleven bucks.  We’ll see how that works out.  I’ll bet it will be worth it.

I wanted to get more photos of the cafe tour riders but again we all started yacking away at the Bristol Bagel Works and I forgot all about taking out my camera.

Bristol end of the East Bay Bike Path



Dock in Bristol R.I.


First photo attempt was photo bombed by a Cafe Tour Rider.  Figures he is from Fairhaven.
First attempt was photo bombed by a Cafe Tour Rider. Figures he is from Fairhaven.

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