A Bike Is An Invitation To Meet People


It was one of those days where I wanted to ride, but didn’t feel like it.  You know what I mean?   Providence to Bristol, R.I. is a good default route when that happens.  There are lots of side trips off this path through old towns that date from the War of Independence and beyond to King Phillips War .    In the town of Warren I came across a couple perusing a map.  They were from the Netherlands and asked if I knew if rain was forecast because they were thinking about riding to the end of the path.  I offered  and they accepted a short tour of Warren that took us off the path and into town.  Naturally I got us all off track and we had to ride the busy Metacom Ave to get back to the path.  I complimented them both on their riding skills, being from Holland and all.   I did get them back to the trail where they returned to Providence and I continued the other direction to Bristol, R.I.

On the return there were two guys repairing a flat.  Courtesy dictates that passing riders ask if they have everything they need.  I thought it would just be a routine “thanks, we’re fine”.

“Do you have a pump”?

I never saw that coming because one was an experienced roadie.  The guy with the flat was wearing blue jeans with both pant legs rolled up.   The roadie forgot to load a new CO2 cartridge into his kit.  While we were working on the bike, an older man, maybe 50+ on roller blades stopped to chat.  He lives on Long Island and was doing a 34 mile skate from downtown Providence.  I don’t really know if that’s extraordinary but it seems so.

Today was a really nice international day and I have believe that we don’t meet people like I did today if I wasn’t on a bike.

Cara and Dick from Utrecht, Netherlands
Cara and Dick from Utrecht, Netherlands


Flat tire with no pump
Flat tire with no pump


Fishing on the MUP
Fishing on the MUP


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