Getting Fit For Touring

Spring is showing off.

Tennis anyone.  Played my first tennis match last night after nearly a year off.  It took a while go get my first return over the net.  Actually it was midway through the first set of doubles and we got smoked, 6-1.   The second set my partner and I both began to hit the ball and get in good positions.  We took that one 6-3.  Then my partner quit.  He didn’t want to overdo on his first day out.  None of the four of us broke a sweat in this game which was not much different than a game of fetch.  Fetch the long shots and fetch the ball from the net.  Things will get better playing twice a week.

On the bike side.  I entered a route into my new Garmin Touring GPS and it did all the right things by alerting me to turns ahead of time and showing the route, turns, time, speed, and elevation.  When it was time to post the ride into connect.garmin dot com, there was nothing saved.  I’ll have to work on that between the tennis matches.   The short 6 day tour in West Virginia and connecting to the Great Allegheny Passage near Pittsburgh is approaching quickly.  Bike fitness is improving daily and although I am training alone this year, it’s still easy to stay motivated.  This tour is sort of a shakedown for the long tour of the Southern Tier Bike Route that I plan to ride in October but may have to put off till next March.  I have a fundraising commitment in Boulder in the middle of October and also need to be home by Thanksgiving.  Those two things are what are making me think about moving the ride to March.

While researching the Southern Tier ride I found a great series of YouTube videos by a local rider and author Chris Miller who lives 30 miles or so down Rt 195 in Pawtucket R.I. He also wrote a book titled Hiking the Appalachian Trail that looks to be a hoot to read. I did order it today.  He rode this route on a cheap single speed bike he purchased at WalMart, and used paperboy baskets as panniers for part of the trip.  The baskets didn’t last too long and he did eventually buy a set of good panniers.  His videos grow on you the more you watch.  They are short 4-6 minutes each and he says tons about how his day is going.

Lake overflow gates in Mattapoisett, MA.

2 thoughts on “Getting Fit For Touring

  1. Doing all kinds of good things, riding bikes, playing tennis, bike touring. Retirement seems like a real challenge.


  2. Retirement is a lot like being 12 or 13 again. Do anything you want and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. The only difference is unlike when I was 13, I have money.


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