Working Out The Technology

Reading Chris Miller’s book about hiking the Appalachian Trail is a reminder that planning is a good thing. He had never hiked before, built a tent out of industrial plastic bags and bought new hiking boot the day he began his 1200 mile sojourn.  I’m very comfortable with all the things like that for my tour. Things turned for the worse very quickly.  I know my tent, how and what to pack to keep the bike from getting too heavy and stuff like that.  What I am working on is the technology.  It would have been very frustrating to try to work out the nuances of my gps and video equipment while working out all the other stuff during the first few days of a long bike tour.

Today’s ride takes us on the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s ride into Mattapoisett, Rochester, Wareham and Fairhaven. All on the south coast of Massachusetts.   When we pay attention to our surroundings we get to see and experience things that unless we were on a bike, we would miss.


4 thoughts on “Working Out The Technology

  1. John, There is just no way you’re going to make it across the Southern Tier. You’ll be stopping every 5 minutes to talk to birds, dogs, people… You’ll have a great trip, but lucky if you make it out of Florida!


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