Summer Tour Day 2. Cecil Township, PA to Cedar Creek, PA




The humidity had arrived before the 9 AM start.  The late time was to allow my clothes, that spent the night draped over the right field fence, to dry. I did run into people now and then but again spent most of the first 25 miles riding alone. I did lunch with a group or touring bikers at a little ice cream, hamburger joint on main street Glassport, PA just outside of Pittsburgh. Those eating outside would call other touring bikers over by raving about this place.  I have to say that my meal tops my list of good hamburgers.  Perfectly cooked, juicy, tasty beef on a grilled bun.  It really hit the spot.  Just before departing a neighbor came over so we could meet her dog, Caramel who was named because of her color. Caramel was the sweetest thing who loved vanilla ice cream and having her belly rubbed.

Caramel loved ice cream and belly rubs.
Caramel loved ice cream and belly rubs.

I was beginning to feel the effects of the heat and humidity when I came upon a boat ramp into the Youghoigheny River and couldn’t resist taking a dip. I was about to go back in for a second round when a pickup pulled into the lot, backed in and the driver began aimlessly walking around getting closer and closer to me and never made eye contact.  He was just pushing rocks around with his feet trying to act nonchalant.  His gal, also in her early 20’s, sat in the truck with her feet on the dash smoking a cigarette.  I didn’t like the way things were developing and quickly got dressed and road away.  I looked back to see the pickup leaving the lot as I rode away down the path.

I arrived at Cedar Creek around 5:30 to another almost full camp area.  I walked to the farthest end and came across an Adirondack, lean to. It’s best described as a small log cabin cut in half with the open side overlooking the river.  I carry snacks of nuts and dates that I hung from a tree away from my camp spot just in case.

Tomorrow is another 50 mile plus ride to the town of Confluence, PA

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