Full Moon Bike Ride

Bike parking is limited at Pub 99.  Get there early.
Bike parking is limited at Pub 99. Get there early.

You like to ride bikes, right?
You know when the moon is full, right?
You know the way to 99 in Fairhaven right?
You know how to have fun, right?
You know what to do.

Tonight is the Full Sturgeon Moon and what better way to celebrate than a bike ride.  This was a monthly thing a few years ago and maybe it’s time to revive the FBC Fairhaven group.  We have sister FBC’s in St. Louis, and Spokane WA. who have been dong this for years with themes.  We’ll talk about that another time.

Tonight we meed at Pub 99 in Fairhaven for a 7:15 start.  I’m sure you can figure why we want to end the ride at a Pub.  If not, ask someone tonight.   We will ride to Ft. Taber to view the bad moon rising then bike back to 99.   The total ride is around 14 easy miles.  There is very little road riding with most on bike paths.  The road riding is on marked bike lanes.

The return is a night ride, so light up your steed. We have no dress code or theme tonight so come as you are. (In the past this was the underwear ride) but we are new and are off the hook this month. If this works next month arrive with a mustache, real or fake, man or woman) Tonight an easy paced no drop ride and the more the merrier. Average speed is around 8-10 MPH. It’s fun not a race.

If you don’t want to go into 99 pack some beer in your car and party like it’s 1999 in the lot.  Actually if you pack some beer you should bring one or two to celebrate the moon rise.

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