The Southern Tier Bike Route

bridge to Ellavile a town that is no more

All the photos are HERE

Riding the Southern Tier was on my list for a long time.  The original plan was to ride it in October but I felt so good I moved it up to September 6th.  Issues popped up to force me to move it to early March then again to April 1st. That was set in stone and I was finalizing the plans. I had a chance to visit the Orlando area and while there, took a full day to check out the route and drive the first part that  has lots of tricky zig-zags, from Ocala to Gainseville.  From there it was a mix of Hwy 90 and some remote CRs (County Roads) to Tallahassee.    I found it very isolated and uninteresting after a while.  At the beginning it was pretty cool riding these country roads alone. Doing that for 30 days I’m sure would be very monotonous and has a high probability of me changing the first letter of my bucket list from a “B” to an “F”. What I realized is that I really like the short 8-12 day tours through much more populated areas.

After all that the new plan is to ride the Erie Canal this summer from Buffalo to Albany NY.  In the mean time, here are a few photos of the Southern Tier from Ocala to Monticello, Fla. The whole enchilada is on Flickr HERE




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